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The hassles and hidden costs of manually shopping for golf gear and related items have resulted in the popularity of online shopping for such items. Nowadays, more people are finding themselves browsing through online stores whenever they need to buy anything from golf shafts, putters, golf head covers and golf club-making tools can now be bought online. To ensure safe and secure transaction each time, here are some useful tips for you.

First, check with authorities if the company web site, and the company itself, is legitimate. You can visit the UK European Consumer Centre web site at or check out for a list of duly registered domain names in the UK. Before proceeding any further, it pays to check first if the company is legitimate or not to protect you from being scammed.

Second, look for the ‘https’ in the URL. Along with the padlock symbol, this is an indicator that the web site is safe and secure for online shoppers.

Finally, when buying golf club-making tools, for example, you can also check if the web site conforms to the standards mandated by the European Directive 2000/31/EC, which requires online sellers to display the following information on their sites:  (1) the trader’s name and location (geographical address); (2)  Email address that facilitates direct communication; (3) a clear set of instructions to inform the consumers as to where and how they can contact the seller. The Directive also requires all online sellers to confirm received orders without delay.

A lot of people say that the essence of playing golf is the precise control by which force is applied to the shaft. One of the major ways by which precise control can be applied is through properly fitted golf grips. Essentially, the grip helps the player grasp the shaft and apply force in a controlled manner.  If you want a better game, it is safe to say that you should have properly fitted grips on your golf shaft. Here are some tips to help you choose the right set.

First, choose a grip that feels right to the touch. Since this is the part of the shaft that is always in contact with your hands, the grip must be comfortable and must not cause irritation. When choosing based on comfort, consider the material and design since this will largely determine how it feels when used.

Second, you can also choose golf grips based on size. Of course, the grip must be in accordance with your personal preference. Thus, it is a good idea to manually try out a grip before deciding to purchase it. A too large or too small grip can lead to inaccurate and less forceful swings, therefore, worse games for the player.

Finally, the golf grip must work with your existing equipment. Since the grip is just attached on top of the shaft, you need to have a proper fit between the two. Otherwise, a loose grip can also affect your swing and, therefore, your game.

The idea of making your own golf clubs is not as easy as it may sound especially if you do not have the right club making tools at hand. The entire process of making them only gets easy when you are ready with all the parts and all you have to do is assemble them.

It is important that you choose the right iron that comes with a high rating for trajectory. This is due to the reason that most clubs that have high trajectory are those that can get your ball up in the air without too much effort. As you start building the iron, you must start considering too whether you want it in stainless steel or forge. The forged ones in general have a soft feel to it than the stainless types.

As a club maker, you should also decide whether you would make your shaft out of graphite or steel. If you happen to choose the graphite, then you have to also decide on the flex of it. The fastest determining tool for your choice of flex is the speed of swing that can be perceived in the distance it travels. This means that the greater the distance, the faster it is that the player is swinging.

When it comes to grips, then your options are offered in a wide variety that is made available in the market today. The proper grip depends entirely on the personal preference of the golfer. There are also still the extras like epoxy that are needed to be a part of the list of your golf club making tools.

Each time the summer season comes around, many are starting to get involved in some kind of a sport and one of these would be golf. However, just like in any other sport, to be able to play well, you need to have the proper equipment and tools to use and this should include the golf tees. It is not apart from anyone’s knowledge that it can be quite costly to spend for golf equipment but it can bring you good news that it is possible to find cheap golf tees out there in the market today.

There are several brands of cheap golf tees that are not just affordable for your pocket but can also render you high quality performance. Pride serves to be on top of the list as its company has been operating since the early years of 1950. Their golf tees are made to be durable and last for a long time which makes it ideal to be used by golfers for a long time. The paint used on it is free from any toxic chemicals.

Next would be the Intech golf tees that are perfect to be used for the drivers with large face. They are meant to be longer so as to give golfers a higher trajectory for their golf balls once they strike it. Their sets usually come with 30 tees along with Charter Pro Slim golf tees that come in 50 golf tees.  Other brands that you can depend on also include Brush T-3, US Army Bristle, and many more.

For some, golf is a kind of game that comes off as being too staid and professional. In a sports industry that prides itself in tradition, there is little room to be funky and colourful. Or is there? In fact, there are so many ways by which you can inject a little fun and fashion in the golf course. This can be achieved through colourful sportswear, accessories, and a nice set cool-looking head covers golf.

No sight is as refreshing as a well-clad player standing out in a sea of neutral colours any day on the green. In the past, sportswear worn by golf players was limited to traditional designs and colours. At present, popular sportswear brands, such as Nike and Adidas, have already launched their own set of related shoes and sportswear meant for golf players—be they young or old, male or female. Their designs are more vibrant compared with their traditional predecessors.

When it comes to transporting equipment throughout the vast expanse of green, nothing beats the form and functionality offered by golf bags. These come in different materials, such as nylon or leather, to name a few. These can also be manually transported or battery operated. Despite the differences in designs, the basic form has remained the same—tubular and somewhat slim to accommodate various shafts.

Finally, colourful and varied in design, head covers golf are used to provide protection for the golf clubs and drivers as they are stored and transported throughout the golf course.

To the untrained eye, putters may seem less threatening compared with the other equipment. In fact, these putters are more important since most shots played in a golf game actually need these. With this article, we will give you some important information you need to know about these. Armed with such information, you will be able to choose the right golf putter for sale.

Choose the right putter head design- There are basically three types of putter designs: peripheral weighted putters, mallet putters, and blade putters. Weighted putters are popular among professionals and amateurs. This has more head although it means that it also tends to be imbalanced. The next kind is the more traditionally designed blade putter; it has a small head and is widely used by players. Finally, mallet putters are heavier compared with the other two.

Choose the right length- As with the golf shaft, the performance of a golf putter for sale also depends on the length. Most people may not realize it but the wrong length can actually lead to weak contact and even bad posture when done continuously. The length of traditional putters range from 32-36 that help create that pendulum swing. Meanwhile, the belly putter has a length raging from 41-46 in. It makes for an easier to control shaft, although it requires more force. Finally, long putters range from the length of 47-51 in. Due to its length, not too many players prefer this kind of putter as compared with the others.

Now that you have commenced in the novice golfing stage, it’s time to reward yourself with good golf clubs. Think of getting your golf irons as well. It is the best way of rewarding yourself for a job well done. Applause! Applause!

Irons are utilized for long distance shots and for other uses which make them an indispensable part of golf clubs.  However, they are compromised between woods and putters as they are often utilized before putters and after woods. If the woods put you off the initial point and the putter is what helps you get to the spot, golf irons as great making it to the greens.

Irons are chosen based from lofts or distances. The loft lets the irons move to a downward or horizontal direction and not in an upward path.  They can also be selected based from the way they are made. They can be made through casting or forging irons. Forging is the ancient way of making irons which is often preferred by professionals. However, they are far expensive than cast irons.

Shafts are also what separate one from another. It is the slender tube which serves as the handle of the gold club. It allows the golfer to make better and easier shots.

Now that you know the basics of golf irons, it’s time to consider availing one for yourself. Go online shopping for your irons today. Make sure you pick the best deal among them. Get started with your own irons and feel like a pro.

Are you a golfer who wants to bring out the best in golf? Then, get your golf grips and learn some tips from formidable players like Nancy Lopez, Tiger Woods and Ben Hogan. They are few of the best golfers who made a big hole in the golfing scene with their reliable grips.

What is their secret for success? Well aside from a lot of practice, they exerted effort in finding their best grips. Doesn’t sound convincing yet? Of course, these tools are the only contact the golfer and the club has. It is the point where ends meet. See what I mean?

Think of having a bad golf grip… can you imagine giving your best swing? Golf grips will ensure your success and probably double the score you usually get when you play golf. Whether you are an amateur or a pro, ensuring you have the best tools is what matters.

They are made of different materials which give you a different feel, too. Synthetic, cord and rubber are the three of them. They can be cleaned with damp towel but not too hard on the synthetic grip for cleaning may ruin the upper layer and make it slippery to grip.

They are made of different diameter which affects the way you handle grips while on a swing. Larger ones make it harder for hand to freely move. However, larger grips matter for older players as they are often having trouble with their arthritis.

Choose your golf grips wisely! For sure you want to excel in this sport, don’t you?

In the world of golf, what you wear is also important as what equipment you use. Your clothes must not only be comfortable, they should also be appropriate. At the same time, your shoes must not only look good, but should be able to meet basic technical requirements to enable you to play a better game each time. If you are currently shopping for golf shoes, know that you can actually combine function and fashion as you look for the perfect pair.

First of all, the main function of these shoes is to provide protection while playing. They should allow you to move freely throughout the golf course without restrictions on blood circulation. At the same time, these should provide enough traction. Today, many golfers prefer shoes with plastic spikes/cleats rather than metal ones. This is because most golf courses now forbid metal spikes that tend to damage the green. In comparison, plastic spikes are gentler and can even be replaced when they are worn out.

Next, as you shop for a new pair of golf shoes, try to look for those that feature more traditional designs in neutral colours of brown, beige, white, and black. Neutral-coloured shoes allow you to mix and match your wardrobe easily. Thus, with a couple of good pairs of golf shoes, you can already use it with many different clothes combinations.

Finally, consider the material of the shoes. The upper lining must be made of genuine leather that allows your feet to be more comfortable throughout the day.