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Putting is a very important aspect of your golf game and if you feel that your putting needs some improvement, you have may have to change your putters. In the UK, you can buy cheap golf putters online. A quality website to buy your golfing needs is Gamola Golf. But before you go shopping for some putters, you have to decide which the right one for you is.

1st option: Get a conventional putter and cut it shorter. A conventional putter measures around 35-36inches in length but if this is not comfortable for you, you can cut at least 2-3 inches off of it. A shorter putter will help you feel your stroke more. At first, it will feel very different but once you get to use it, you’ll have a different putting game. If this doesn’t work for you, you may try the other options.

2nd option: If short isn’t the way to go, why don’t you get a longer putter instead? A long putter is suited for people who have wrist or back pain because of the added bending. Long putters measure at about chest height in an upright stance. Making use of long putter lessens the discomfort of having to bend over more than you should.

3rd option: Use a belly putter. A belly putter is similar to a conventional one but has a longer shaft. You can anchor it in your stomach so you can get better control of your putting. There are many expert golfers that prefer using this putter.

When choosing golf shafts UK, you must know that picking the right one can greatly improve your golf game and choosing the wrong one can cause a disaster to your score. Golf shafts vary because of their “flex” and this is what you should look out for when shopping for your golf gear.

Extra Stiff (X) flex shafts are used in fast and strong swings. Only professional golfers attempt to use this type of flex shaft because if you don’t have a powerful swing, the speed, height and distance of the shot will be reduced. If you drive at least 250 yards, this shaft is for you.

Stiff (S) is good for golfers with a 30-250 yard drive. However, it is better to try it out first. If you find it too stiff, the regular one is better for you. A stiff shaft is recommended for powerful swingers and golfers with more control.

Regular (R) golf shafts is more of a popular choice for average golfers. Some golfers make a mistake with buying too stiff shafts that their golf game doesn’t improve. Regular shafts are recommended for golfers with a 175-220 yard drive. Further, a softer flex helps a golfer control his swing which helps improve his game.

Other flex shafts include Senior (A) for senior golfers and Ladies (L) for lady golfers. These golf shafts are less stiff and help swing creating more distance with drives. Hence, it is important that you get the right golf shaft for your game; otherwise, you won’t improve anytime soon.

Are you interested in learning to play golf? If you are then you need to start shopping for golf clubs and golf putter for sale that you will be using. Your putter and golf club are necessities in driving a ball to a certain distance. There are different golf clubs and putters that you should know about, read the brief descriptions below:

  • Wood golf clubs are considered long distance clubs. If you need to hit the ball in a very far distance, a wooden club is best to use. Modern wood clubs have titanium long shafts and steel large heads for hitting the ball at long distances.

  • Iron clubs have a shorter shaft and an angled head. These types of putters are often used in getting through rough terrains like through trees or base of hills.
  • Hybrid clubs are a mix of wooden and iron material. With this club, you can hit long distances while having the swing of an iron club. This club is also called “rescues”.
  • Golf putters are used when the ball is near the cup. These are special clubs with a 10-degree loft. Putters are designed specifically to roll the ball along the grass to the hole.

There are many more things that you should consider when buying golf clubs and golf putter like the shaft, grip, hosel, clubhead and ferrule. Since you are still a beginner, there is no need to buy expensive golf clubs and golf putter, just find something comfortable to use and upgrade your golf gear later on.

Golf is not only a game of skills and strategies; it also requires the finest clubs and equipment. This is primarily the reason golf club manufacturers place greater effort on improving the quality of tools used in golf.  One of the most basic clubs carried by golfers is the golf club driver. Golf club drivers are mainly designed to strike the ball the farthest.

In spite of the current technological innovations, selecting the best golf club driver is still a complex process. Hence, it is important to consider some significant aspects and explore the features of the recent golf club drivers on the market. Generally, the most crucial step to finding the best golf drivers is by determining your swing speed. Once you have determined your swing speed, you can now confirm which type of driver is appropriate for you.

Since there are several types of golf club drivers, it is essential to select a golf driver that suits your playing level and needs.  There are golfers who mainly aim to improve their driving distance. However, some place more emphasis on maximizing accuracy. It is indisputable that there is not simply one golf driver to fit every game. If you are a beginner golfer, then you should look for a driver with a huge head and a higher loft angle. A golf club driver that features a flexible shaft is also particularly appropriate for beginners. However, if you are an experienced player, you need a titanium-head golf driver with a solid steel shaft to enhance your accuracy. The list of golf club manufacturers that offer the most innovative lines of golf club drivers includes TaylorMade, Titleist, and Cobra Golf.

Building a golf club can be an easy proposition if you have the finest golf components. A good concept is also an important part of the process. Golf club components have been constantly developed to improve the game. Hence, it is really significant to familiarize yourself with some of the most basic components of golf.

One of the most essential components is the head. The head is basically categorized into two different types. One is the iron head that features an angled surface. Iron heads are ideal in instances where high shots are required. The other type is the wood head. The advantage of using wood heads is that they generate energy to allow the ball to go farther. Nowadays, the size and number of heads that can be found on the market are overwhelming. The golf club industry has been rapidly expanding to meet the increasing demands for the different types of heads. The shaft is also a vital golf component. There are various shafts that can be used to assemble a golf club. The graphite shafts are light and are thus most suitable for beginner golfers. In addition, graphite shafts are believed to have a huge impact on the golfer’s distance and accuracy. Unusual metal shafts have also emerged. These stiff golf shafts are typically reserved for professional golfers. The grip is a golf club component that is usually made of rubber. Although it has not been altered for many years, recent innovation has produced new types of grips.

The vast range of golf components available has made the process of assembling a golf club easier and more convenient. In order to ensure a successful golf club making, purchase only the best golf club components that fit your style and needs.

A great golf game is due to the type of golf club you are using and the most important part that powers your golf club is the golf shaft. The performance of a golf game will tremendously improve if your golf shaft is the exact length and weight, has the appropriate flex, alignment and torque, in relation to the whole golf club. If you choose the best golf club shafts for your golf clubs, you will always have a great golf game.

With so many different types of golf club shafts, choosing the appropriate one may be tedious. To help you make up your mind, here is a list of the different shafts that you might want to consider:

Graphite shafts – the light weight of graphite shafts increases the swing speed so that there is more power to the swing. Plus, this type of shaft is best to achieve greater distances and it is best suited for women golf enthusiasts and some of the older players. However, graphite shafts can be very expensive and these also need more maintenance and caring than the usual steel shafts.

Steel shafts – usually made of carbon steel, and stainless steel occasionally, these shafts focus on improving the accuracy of a golf player instead of the emphasis on distance offered by graphite shafts. Plus, steel shafts also give you more control on your golf shots. It is also more affordable and more durable than graphite shafts.

Remember that golf club shafts are integral to the success of your golf game so it’s wise that you get the most appropriate one for your swing.

Many individuals have turned to golf as a means to relax and unwind. Eventually, most individuals opt to buy their golf equipment and accessories if they become hooked to the game. For the reason that most golf equipment are expensive, it is important that the proper protection be also undertaken. Take for example, a golf headcover that serves to protect the golf club head. For the reason that it is your golf club head that is in direct contact with the golf ball, it must be in excellent condition. The headcover serves to keep the club head dry so that the ever present threat of rusting is avoided.

Although a golf headcover’s primary purpose is to protect the golf club head, it has also evolved into a funkier and stylish golf accessory. When before it was just a plain piece of cover to serve its primary purpose, headcovers now come in different styles and designs to serve as an expression of a golf player’s personality.  Take for example, Tiger Woods’ signature tiger golf headcovers that are distinctly made to set his golf equipment from his opponents.  There are other different designs that a golf enthusiast can choose from. It includes animal designs, cartoon characters, state flags, university mascots, and even Popeye. If you really want to have a distinct headcover, you can have it personally made too.

There are so many different golf headcover designs to choose from, and it’s up to you to choose one that best fits with your personality, while at the same time, offer the best protection for your golf club heads.

Let’s get things clear first, learning to be a better golf player doesn’t rely on what gold shafts you will be using. The force behind your swings is still you. While all your golfing equipment can be a big help to improving your performance, you must still work on your form, control, swing and power.

Nonetheless, choosing your golf shafts is very important; it can aid in your golfing performance. Usually, problem develops when they are too stiff or too flexible for the golfer’s swing. Here are some problems that a golfer might encounter:

1)      The golf ball flies too low because the golfer cannot reach his maximum angle with his swing due to the stiff golf shafts.

2)      The golf ball has the tendency to leak at the fade side since the golfer cannot do much forward bending on the golf shaft.

3)      If the golf shaft is too flexible, there will be a higher angle and will produce a more solid shot. However, if the golfer sliced the ball wrong, a wrong trajectory will occur.

These are just some common problems when using the wrong golf shafts. That is why it is important for any golfer to choose the right flexibility of shafts for their swing. If you are someone who swings at an average of 100mph or lower then it is best that you choose a more flexible shaft than the stiff ones. Flexible shafts are much more recommended than stiffer ones.

Nowadays, an average golfer would want to excel in his favorite sport.   There are golf shops that custom-fit golf heads with dozens of different golf shafts with price ranging from 32 pounds to 1,900 pounds.

A great golf game is influenced by a lot of factors, and one of these is the golf grip used by the player. While there are many types of golf grips, knowing something about the grip you are using can prove to be very beneficial. Choosing a golf grip that’s most appropriate for your swing during a game play can make or break your game and ignoring this may mean that you are missing a greater opportunity to enhance your game.

The two most common materials used for golf grips are thermoplastic and rubber; and golf club grips made of these materials are always undergoing improvements to give golf enthusiasts a firmer grip on their clubs, while at the same time, improving traction. Another important consideration when checking your golf grip is to check its size, whether it’s suitable for you or not. A small golf grip is suitable if you have issues with slicing the ball. A large grip, on the other hand, is better suited for players who like to hook the ball. This grip size is also more suitable for older golf enthusiasts who usually experience cramps due to small grips. The golf grip’s surface should also be taken into consideration when choosing a grip. Golf club grips now feature different grooves, dimples, and patterns, but there’s also the standard plain grip. For those with sweaty palms, there are grips made of materials that prevent moisture.

All in all, golf grips should be checked every year or so to ensure that the one you’re using is still compatible with your game play.