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Picture the scene:  a newbie to the golf scene (not naming any names, ahem) is springing about the course with her dad, trying to get to grips with the basics when BAM – her first attempt at a swing throws the golf club from her hands and narrowly misses a group of business men.  This is why you need golf grips!  The first time my dad took me golfing he gave me his old, tatty club with an equally old, tatty golf grip and look what happened!  When you come to buying a golf grip, there are absolutely tonnes of choices open to you, and they even have pretty ones for the ladies!  My dad and I have another golfing date set up for next weekend, so I decided to invest in one to avoid a repeat performance!

Not only are there masses of golf grip manufacturers (30 alone on the top golf website I checked out) but each of these manufacturers also have hordes of different designs.  My first stop was my dad’s fave – Golf Pride – and they were surprisingly reasonable prices considering they are one of the top.  They were far too sensible for my taste though, so I moved on to Sharpro, who had really funky, vibrant colours in their collection and were all under £2!  I treated myself to a sleek, sky blue golf grip and we even picked up a little stocking filler for my brother while we were at it – a cool Black Widow golf grip decorated with a spider for just £3.  No my little club looks great – I just need to work on my awful swing!

Golf wedges are one of the most important parts of golfing. A lot of Golfing shots are made from 120 yards and different golf wedges achieve various degrees of results. Golf wedge versatility depends on the build of the wedge, so you need a good knowledge of how golf wedges function so that you can choose the golf wedge that will most enhance your performance.

Golf wedges are primarily made from Chrome or Nickel, with a lot of debate over which is best. Some claim it’s all about aesthetics, but some genuinely think this makes a difference, so I have compiled a few pros and cons of both – but whichever you choose, there are plenty of choices of websites selling reasonably priced Golf Wedges UK.



  • Strong golfers love the stiff Titanium shaft for accurate shots

  • Most believe Titanium improves distance

  • Titanium is the most durable metals


  • Fairly expensive

  • Only really beneficial to those with powerful swings due to its heavy weight

  • Stiffness may make it more difficult to gage how hard to hit the ball



  • Extremely lightweight – easier to swing

  • Fantastic distance due to it being lightweight

  • The shock absorbance is perfect for older golfers or those who no longer possess the powerful swing they once did


  • Golfers love to hear the “crack” of the club against the ball, yet Graphite does not present this

  • Less durability

  • For those with an inconsistent swing, graphite will reduce your control

Hardcore golfing fans will already know that there are 4 different types of golf wedges, but just in case you’re just starting out in the golfing world, there are a few things you should include within your set of golf wedges.

Pitching Wedges

This is a very versatile club and the most common type of all the golf wedges. Mainly used for bigger shots into the green, a pitching wedge presents the golfer with a longer flight than some of the other golf wedges.

Lob Wedges

To enhance height in chips and pitches, Lob Wedge’s typically have a large loft – 60 degrees or thereabouts – and can assist shots from deep rough and sand more than other wedges that feature smaller lofts. Though often overlooked, this is becoming a more popular choice for golfers.

Sand Wedges

It’s all in the name! Used for escaping your ball from bunkers, this is typically 56 degrees and generally provides more variation to golfers, especially in approach shots.

Gap Wedges

Again, it’s all in the name here with Gap Wedges, which features as the “gap” to fill the holes of the Sand Wedge and Pitching Wedge. Gap Wedges typically vary between 51 and 55 degrees, and though they offer more variation from around the green, are used rather similarly to the Pitching Wedge.

Now that you understand the basics of what each wedge does, you can make sure you include a collection like this in your wedge set and you will rarely go wrong. I know it looks like a lot but don’t worry – the internet provides a wonderful collection of golf clubs that come at very competitive and bank balance friendly prices!

Some golf fans consider their Golf Putters to be one of the most important jobs of all the golf clubs – after all, this is the guy that gets the ball in the hole! If you want the most pristine putter that is going to help you “putt for dough” but don’t want to pay through the nose, there are a lot of options open to you with the multitude of golf putters for sale online.

I often find that the internet is the best bet when buying golf clubs, because – like virtually everything else in the world! – They can be found cheaper online, not to mention there will be a much larger selection. Typing “Golf Putters for Sale” will present you with tonnes of choice for reasonably priced putters that will have you rolling that ball into the hole smoother than you ever have before! Some of the sites even have money off the recommended retail price as standard, whereas others will have big cut-price sales in which you could even swing yourself an awesome putter at half (or more!) off! And I’m talking the cream of the crop – just because they come at cut prices doesn’t mean they’re from the bargain bin! These are fantastic steel or graphite putters complete with added extras that will truly enhance your game play. Things like “Patented sight alignment system” and “C-Groove face technology” are being offered at much less than you would expect to pay in a shop. So if you need to find out which golf putters are on sale, head online.

It may seem like a fairly unimportant part of the whole golfing experience, but when it comes to choosing a golf tee, a quality tee will give you a good distance and could even have an impact on how your ball spins, so a tee should never be thought of as just “something to stick your ball on” – you should consider quite a few things before choosing a golf tee. Although also available in steel or silver, the two most popular golf tees are wood and plastic.

Wood Tees


• Better for the environment – biodegradable and simply rot into the turf if left on the tee boxes.
• Softer than plastic so won’t cause damage to lawn mowers
• Cheapest option – often even given out for free at Clubs
• Not as pliable as plastic so not likely to bend easily


• Damage can be done if you mishandle a cracked wooden tee – I’ve heard of people even getting one through the hand when trying to drive one through hard ground! Ouch!
• Some golfers believe they do not gain as much distance using wood tees

Plastic Tees


• Considered more durable than wood
• Give more distance than wooden tees


• Break or bend very easily
• Are not good for environment and cause damage to lawn mowers, therefore some Clubs even prohibit their use, giving you a smaller choice of Golfing venue
• Tend to scratch drivers

The clear winner appears to be the wooden golf tee, which is the most commonly used and easiest to obtain, not to mention the cheapest and best for the environment and your lawn mower!

Let’s face it – golfing does have a rep for being the sport of choice for the wealthy. Unlike many other sports, golfing is one that means you need to have a healthy bank balance to enjoy simply because of the amount of golf accessories, some of which are essentials. Golf has its fair share of little luxuries, but if you stick to just the essential golf accessories and get them online for cut prices then you don’t need to break your piggy bank to get the most out of your golfing experience. Essential golf accessories include:

Golf Bags – you need something to cart your clubs around the course, so unless you’ve got more than 2 hands, you couldn’t possibly do that without one.

Tees – some like to golf without them, but unless you’re putting the ball into the cup, golf tees present an advantage, as it is easier to get a really good shot when using a tee.

In my personal opinion, these are the only ESSENTIAL golf accessories needed to play golf, the rest are little luxuries that whilst you don’t necessarily need them, stand to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Take golf shoes – not essential! In some very rare cases, clubs will require you to wear shoes but most don’t mind. They are designed to keep you from slipping though, but if you fancy a pair I’d look online rather than in store. Golf Apparel is something that is no more essential than the colour of tee you choose, but again, does enhance your enjoyment of the whole experience. Apparel can also be found online far cheaper than in a shop, so make sure you check that out, too, and prove that golfing isn’t just for fat cats!

Ok, so you’re out on the green, brandishing your favorite golf clubs and boasting the latest gear that you (or your wife) has painstakingly picked out for you, taking into the consideration the material of your clubs right down to your own, personal golf swing.  You’ve got your perfect tools – but what do you use to cover them up and keep them nice and protected?

When you come to choosing golf head covers, there is literally no end to the choice available.  From the swanky yet practical leather covers that solely serve their function to wacky novelty golf covers brandished with football colours or Scottish/English/Welsh etc.  flags to show your patriotism!  If you’re buying for a friend or family member, take into consideration the type of person that will be receiving the head covers, as I’m sure a stiff-upper-lip type golf guy wouldn’t be too pleased unwrapping a giant fluffy dinosaur golf head cover!  Once you’ve got that sorted, it’s plain sailing, and you’ll have more choice if you’re a novelty loving guy, with absolutely masses of silly looking golf covers – from fluffy chickens and boxing gloves to little Betty Bops and Garfield for the lady golfers or the kids.

Just because you don’t like big, cuddly teddy bears atop your golf clubs, it doesn’t mean you have to opt for boring old black or grey ones – I found excellent knitted head covers complete with funky patterns in stripes or checks and you can have them with or without a pom-pom!  The novelty ones will gen really set you back roughly £15, with the general, plain guys in the £3-£5 vicinity, so whatever you style and whatever your wallet size, a whole world of golf head cover choice is out there!

When thinking long and hard about what to get my dad for his birthday, it suddenly hit me: a brand new, improved golf shaft! There are tonnes of Golf Shafts in the UK to choose from, and I know how much my dad and his buddies love to show off their gear on the green, so I knew it had to be flashy yet functional. When I took to the search engine, I found loads of soft golf shafts for sale, some of which were in the clearance at huge cut prices – some even as low as £13! But you don’t grow up with a golf-crazy dad without learning a thing or two, so I knew there were a few key things I had to consider before committing to a purchase.

Firstly, I know there is an age old debate of steel versus graphite, with graphite golf shafts typically being used by high-handicappers, with steel being the shaft of choice for more pro golfers, but this isn’t necessarily the case nowadays, with the idea that graphite shafts are just for novices being smashed when the great Tiger Woods switched his steel shaft driver for a graphite in 2004!

I decided just to take my dad’s own golf style and swing into consideration to see what fits him best, though did keep in mind the fact that steel is considered both less expensive and more durable than graphite, which ultimately made my decision for me! My dad is quite an expert golfer, so I knew the steel one would fit his swing and keep my own pockets a little heavier!

Before you start swinging that golf club around the nearest green, you need to make sure you have a wicked grip so that your cutting-edge golf club you treated yourself to doesn’t suddenly leap from your hands! The number one brand of golf grip is Golf Pride UK, who is consistently celebrated for their ground-breaking advancements in the golfing industry and can even boast the fact that they have brought golf fans everywhere more wins than any other golf grip brand; if it’s good enough for Tiger Woods it’s definitely good enough for me! So when my own golf grip was looking a bit peaky, you can bet your hat that Golf Pride was the one I chose, and the website I chose to supply me with this gem offered extremely competitive prices.

Providing the golf world with necessities since they opened their (virtual) doors, the website I chose has a legion of fans thanks to their really reasonable prices. When I went to buy my Golf Pride grip I was spoiled for choice in the colour department, as they hold these excellent grips in 9 different colours. Golf Pride grips can be found all over this wonderful web, but for just £6.73 (25% off, may I add?), I snapped up a vibrant orange number, and can now rest assured that this exclusive, soft rubber golf grip with weather control will keep that gold club in my hand no matter how sketchy my own golf skills may be!