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There are many types of golf balls on the market and it can be a hassle to choose the best brand that will make you look like a pro. What I didn’t realise until a few months ago is that there is two types of golf balls, recreational and advanced. I would usually buy whatever golf ball had the best review on line, a lot of the time spending way too much money.

Recreational balls are aimed at the golfer who enjoys playing golf for leisure and advanced golf balls are for the wannabe Tiger Woods amongst us. Recreational balls are made of two layers with the cover firmer than the core allowing for a low compression and side spin reduction which suits the lower spin speed of average golfers.

In comparison, advanced balls are made up of three or more layers with a soft cover and a firm core, this is to ensure more spin and these balls require a much greater swing speed that only highly experienced players can usually achieve. They are also far more expensive.

This may seem like boring technical information but it is very important as if your chosen golf ball doesn’t match your swing speed then it will result in a loss of distance making you look a little less Tiger Woods and a little more Chandler from Friends. For a budget golf ball suited to a recreational player try Callaway or Nike or I am a big fan of the Titleist Pro V1 which has brilliant reviews online.

If you love to play golf in the UK then the next time you tee off on the course you should make sure you are using an electric golf trolley as this is the best way to provide you with everything you need comfortably. Pull trolleys may be cheaper but they lack the benefits of saving time and energy that an electric golf trolley.

If you are a person who takes there golfing seriously then you really should consider purchasing such a commodity because straining your back carrying things is the worst thing for you. When pulling a heavy golf trolley up a slope or lugging it about all day this can put serious pressure on your lower back and shoulders after a day on the course.  Why waste all this strenuous effort on this when you can buy an electric golf trolley that does it all for you, this way you only have to focus energy on what’s important- getting that swing right.

Electric golf trolleys come with a whole host of features to make sure you have everything you need such as compartments with space for not just your balls and clubs but other vital extras like your water proofs as let’s face it when playing in the UK you can never guarantee sunshine! Most of these electric trolleys can get up the steepest of slops and the worst rough as well as being quiet so as not to disturb others on the course.  There are even hi-tech GPS systems in some with powerful batteries that can keep powered up for a course with 36 holes – so the most you have to do with an electric golf trolley is press a button to start it up!

Getting the perfect swing with your golf driver is what most golfers spend their lifetime practicing. Accuracy, speed and distance are the 3 things that can help give a golfer the perfect stroke but how much can the driver head affect this?  The 2 main types of golf drivers are round and square so here are some of the pros and cons of both to help you decide with one would help you most with your golf.

Round head Golf drivers are easier to use especially for those just starting up with golf and is the more aesthetically pleasing of the 2 shapes.  However, a round head driver also has the downside that it has greater COG so it can be difficult to get a straight shot so any hits that aren’t quite up to your normal standard will stand out like a sore thumb using this driver.  This is something the square head has over the round there is a low COG so that there are greater sweet spots when using this golfing driver.  It also seems to make hits very straight.  However this driver does seem to have a few more negative points than the round head with a less appealing bulky head and it is suggested that they are normally has less length than the round.  The biggest drawback to the square driver however, is that it is harder to work than the round head golf driver.

Now you’ve got your head around this debate there is also the question of which material of the shaft and head that your golf driver should be made of. Alloy, steel and titanium are the most popular choices but often there can also be a mix of all three in a golf driver too! The best way to decide as with the head type is to have a go at using different drivers till you find the one you feel is most comfortable and effective.