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Since winning the U.S. Masters in 1997 Tiger Woods and his famous golf putters have thrived in the golfing word, winning further awards and securing global recognition. Not only did he set the record score of 270 but at the tender age of 21 he became the youngest man to win such a prize. Every golfer dreams of being as good as Woods himself and aims to buy the best equipment. The question on everyone’s lips though, is what gold putters does the genius use?

Since 1997 Woods has won three Open Championships, four US PGA titles, three U.S. Open wins and three U.S. Masters wins. He must be doing something right, Tiger uses an ‘Anser-style’ Nike method 001 blade golf putter. This model is designed around the iconic PING Anser golf putters that were available in the 1980s and 1990s. Wood’s has enough power and fortune to get his very own model though the closest we’re going to get is the Ping Anser 2 which is the golf putter that Tiger used for his entire amateur career.

The Ping Anser 2 is stainless steel and is said to provide better length control over the original Ping Anser because it has a bigger sweet spot, it’s also perfect for all levels of players regardless to their handicap. The gold putter still used by Greg Norman, Mark O’Meara and Robert Allenby costs around £70 from online golf retailers though prices do vary so do your research and find some bargain golf putters that will help you play like the pros.

Golf tees can really help get that perfect shot when it comes to golf. They keep the ball still and elevated for a better trajectory. Some people still prefer not to use them but it has been suggested by the experts that ‘you should use a golf tee whenever you can’. The golf tees UK golfers mainly seem to use is wooden, plastic and speciality tees. There are pros and cons to all of these golfing tees so from the information below you have to work our which pro outweighs the cons for your golfing game.

Wooden Tees

Historically these were the first golfing tees UK golfers starting using they can be made in different sizes and lengths to suit the golfer. Also wooden tees are really cheap so if you lose one on the golf course it won’t matter. However the downside to wooden tees is that sometime they can mark your golf driver and can easily break when driving them into hard ground.

Plastic Tees

Plastic tees have fast become popular because they last longer however this does mean they are more expensive. You can zero friction golf tees which are said to reduce spin and increase the distance of your shot but this is still to be proven.

Speciality Tees

Finally you can chose from the speciality tees the Brush tee is designed to make you drive more consistent and a step down golf tee makes it easier to know how far to place the tee in the course. Obviously the main draw back with these is that this means they are more costly.
Overall golf tees are an individual preference so the best thing to do when choosing a golf tee is try out a few and see which you thing helps make your swing better and ones that fit in with your budget.

Golfing can be an expensive hobby, there is so much equipment that is needed and with so many brands on the market at different prices it can be difficult to know what to get. If you are a seasoned golfer with experience you pick up tips but if you are relatively knew at the sport it is a daunting shoppers market. I have never played golf in my life but last month I went on a shopping spree to look for a golf trolley as a Christmas present for my Brother and for the novice it was a lot to take in.

There are so many golf trolleys out there and at different prices, I didn’t want to spend a fortune but then I didn’t want to get one that was really cheap in case it broke or wasn’t from a respected brand. After a few days of looking online and trailing round sports shops asking sales assistants trying to work out if they were selling me things to get their commission I looked at a review website, best idea yet and I would recommend it to anyone. This particular site ranked golf trolleys in popularity, as well as price and from which shops or online stores you could buy them.

The most popular golf trolley appeared to be the Powakaddy Freeway 2011 electric trolley though at a range of £290 – £397 this was completely out of my price range. The Motocaddy S1 Lite came very highly rated however; this was golf trolley that had to be pulled though I think an electric one was out of the question for the price range I was looking at. The Monocaddy was just under £100 and very stylish with its aluminium finish.

If £100 is still a little high for the budget golfer then there are golf trolleys starting at £20, though it would also be a good idea to shop online on Amazon or Ebay to hunt down a second hand golf trolley for a fraction of the RRP cost.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

It’s almost December and Christmas shopping is well under way. What’s best to get your putting mad Father than a golf package set? Well, I have done just that, my Dad is particularly hard to buy for and I always end up buying him some item of clothing that he never wears. This summer he has taken up golfing so he’s a lot easier to buy for now that he has a new hobby, so far he has been borrowing golf clubs from the sports club he uses so I decided a golf package set was the way to go.

I decided to buy it online as this seems to be where the best deals can be found, but I did visit my nearest Drummonds to ask the sales assistant what the best golf package set included. The prices of the sets varied dependent on the brand and I didn’t know anything about golf at all. The assistant was very helpful though and once I told him my budget he helped me figure out which was the best brand for my father’s needs and abilities as equipment varies according to your skill level apparently.

The Wilson CGi Ultra Golf Package Set seemed to be the best one; it includes everything you need for the golfing hobby and comes in a stylish stand with numerous pockets as well as a 12 month free guarantee. It also includes your golf clubs designed for beginners, a titanium driver, putter and other clubs, a #3 Fairway Wood, 21 degree Hybrid and a #5 SW irons. Now I know little about what this means though I am told by multiple review sites that this is the best golf package set on the market for beginner level. Wilson do have many other golf package sets and golfing stock that are for more experienced levels that you can find, I would definitely suggest shopping around online, as far as I can see this is where the best deals can be found.