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Golfing in the winter means you never have the optimum conditions for playing but with a few handy golfing accessories you can make sure that this doesn’t ruin your game. There are 2 products that every golfer needs to have with them when playing in the cold, dark days to ensure they are comfortable and warm. UK winters are always full of rain and wind so keeping dry will stop the cold handicapping your game and more importantly making sure you are still enjoying your golf and not finding it a miserable experience!
The first ‘must-have’ Golf Accessories for the winter is an umbrella because let’s face it- investing in one of these will probably be sensible for summer too. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro getting wet can dampen your spirits and affect your performance. A waterproof jacket can provide your upper body with dryness but to ensure you are dry from head to toe a big, strong umbrella is what’s needed. There have been lots of technological advances so you won’t end up with an inside out umbrella when the wind picks up. For example, the Black Widow range of umbrellas has developed a wind-resistant double canopy design as well as an automatic open button.
You must also never tee off without your thermal wear, a jumper and long johns can provide you with that core heat that can keep you going all day. Plus when swinging a cold club all day you need a bit of warm protection for your fingers too, so invest in a good pair of mitts or gloves to stop frost bite and also prevent your grip from getting too slippery.

Golf putters can really determine the outcome of a golf game- choose a good putter and you will decrease the amount of strokes or at the very least minimize the amount on the putting green but choose a duff one and you could well end up losing the game! Obviously this is with the understanding that you have practiced your stroke beforehand- you can’t always blame the tools! However with the amount of putters available on the market it can be a bit daunting so where to begin when you are choosing a new one?
The first thing to consider is the shape of your Golf Putters there are 3 main shapes you can choose from: mallet style, blade style and cavity back putters. Mallet heads are easier to control because they are a bit heavier than normal style shapes but people can also prefer the cavity backs because they have a larger sweet spot because of the hollow area in the middle of the back. Blade style putters are the least forgiving on your swing but do have the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they look quite traditional.
To ensure your putter feels comfortable when you swing you should also try out different putter types to see what suits you. You can either choose to buy a conventional lone or belly putter. Conventional are the most popular but if you suffer from an over active wrist or a bad back then the other 2 options might be better for you. The third point of contact of a belly putter provides more stability and an upright stance when putting suits the long putter.

One pro said ‘Any time you are allowed to use a tee you should do it’ and with the high volume of golf tees sold every year it does seem that the consensus of golfers out there agree with this statement. Why are tees such vital golf accessories? The answer is simple -because they make it easier for a golfer to strike the ball. Most people who play golf tend to swing up on the ball so these golf accessories create a stand to support the stationary ball which means there is more chance of hitting it and getting the ball in the air. However that said there are some things to watch out for when buying a golf tee.

First of all the amount of wooden tees bought although good for the bank balance is not great for the amount of trees being chopped up so if you can afford to spend a little more get a tee that is made from recycled material. Wooden tees tend to break easier and are then useless and need to be thrown away. Nevertheless try to avoid low drag tees- some people, wrongly, suggest that tees create drag on a drive but they don’t and buying these special tees is expensive and also hard to balance your golf ball on because they are so light.

It has not been proved that there is any such thing as a better or worse tee for improving your swing so don’t waste too much money when purchasing them but getting more cost effective and environmentally friendly golf accessories are things to bear in mind when purchasing them.

A salesman can sell you a golf trolley until he’s blue in the face, he can pitch their speed, their accessibility and ten good reasons why you need a golf trolley to succeed in your game. Right now, there are so many on the market that it hard to decide which one is best.

The first electronic golf trolley is said to have been custom built in 1932 but didn’t gain widespread acceptance at that time and it wasn’t until the mid-fifties that they became popular with players and have surged in popularity since then. Nowadays if you walk into a shop and ask for an electric golf trolley you will be welcomed with lines of them all claiming to be the best and have the best functions but with very different price tags. One of the best as decided by users on consumer forums is the Stowamatic GT 2 electric golf trolley, users claim that it is great for durability and the 27 hole battery actually lasts a full 36 holes. At a price tag of under £200 it is a budget electric golf trolley that works just as well as the more expensive ones.

For those of you who are golfing professionals and what an electric golf trolley that oozes elegance then it doesn’t come cheap, the Stewart X7 Electric golf trolley is priced at £999 but reduced from £1200, it has been designed by specialist engineers and now has a lithium battery rather than a lead acid one. Due to this the power system is 30% more efficient, this electric golf trolley has the same battery life as the cheaper version and also lasts for 27 holes so it is up to you, the customer to decide whether the added expense is worth it.

Does a more expensive golf trolley automatically mean better quality? My advice is to go to a dedicated internet golf trolley dealer, this way you will be getting a good price and will have the benefit of an experts knowledge which will mean you won’t have to trawl through reviews.

Golf grips are indispensable to your game; it should make you feel confident when playing and feel reliable in your hands, making you feel connected to the golf club. A golf grip may seem like a minor part of your golf equipment but it is vital to be a good player.

Golf grips that are well used will slip easily and increase rotation; this will result in a bad performance. It is therefore important to get your golf clubs re-gripped on a regular basis as new grips will give you the grip you need to make you a better player. You should consider re-gripping when the surface is smooth; sometimes however it is so obvious that you need new golf grips that you can’t see it. Inspect both sides of your golf grip, if there are any shiny patches, cracks, scuffing where the thumbs make contact or if they have lost their tackiness from harsh storage conditions then you need new golf grips. Often comparing a new golf grip with an existing golf grip can pinpoint any problems.

It is relatively easy to change your golf grips and the right grip will have a big impact on your golfing ability to shoot lower scores.

When you re-grip you can choose between water based re-gripping or solvent based re-gripping. Water grip strips are applied to the shaft and the golf grip and installed using water and washing up liquid. This method is good for casual golfers and newcomers to re-gripping. Another option is solvent re-gripping which requires gripping solvent and is regarded as the professional method.

You can find instructions online or in golf stores and the process is fairly straightforward. A survey done by a leading golf equipment supplier found that 86% of customers said re-gripping was easy and 14% said it wasn’t difficult. No-one said it was hard.