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When it comes to playing a game of golf you want to ensure that you save all your energy and strength for the game in hand. This is where a golf trolley comes in handy because it saves you straining your back muscles so all you have to focus on is getting that swing right. The golf trolley or cart saves energy as well as time and they’re not just for old men everybody uses them these days!

There are 2 main types of golf trolleys to buy manual (or pull out) trolleys and electric golf trolleys. Manual golf carts are less expensive and are made so it is easy for you to fit your original golf bag into the frame. These are also known as push or pull trolleys because as the names suggests you can push or pull them over the golf course. These are often also popular because they can be easily folded away in your car and are hardwearing. The electric trolley is more expensive but has the obvious advantage of not requiring any effort whatsoever. The only downfall is that these are battery powered so if this runs out it is often bulkier and heavier to manoeuvre. Look at how long the battery lasts on the golf trolley and how quickly it re-charges if buying an electric golf trolley.

3 wheel trolleys are a better option than 2 wheel trolleys as they are more stable and easier to use however a 2 wheel trolley will use less battery power if you buy a manual trolley. The last thing to explore when purchasing a golf trolley is the material. The best in the UK market today is titanium as it is lightweight like aluminium but has the strength of steel, however, this does mean that they are more expensive than both steel and aluminium trolleys.

There has been a lot of hype about the future of the long golf putters over the past week. The American professional golfer Tiger Woods has stirred up even more press attention in his latest comments. Woods may have just been defeated at the Pebble Beach National Pro-Am by Phil Micleson but he has still had time to speak out about the putters- saying that the putter should be no longer or equal to the size of the shortest club in your golf bag to prevent belly anchoring or pressing against the chest when it comes to taking those nerve racking shots. Woods has admitted his a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to golf and that “it’s the art of controlling the body and club and swinging the pendulum notion”. He has spoken to the Royal and Ancient (R&G) executive Peter Dawson about getting these kinds of putters banned from the game.
So why all the fuss now? Well recent golfing stars Keenan Bradley, Webb Simpson, FedEx Cup winner Bill Haas have all brought the long putter debate to the limelight as they are all fond users. As new players are becoming more and more reliant on this putter will become more and more popular and eminent in the game. Will young learners in the UK simply be taught with the long putter straight away? However when looking at some of the top golfing players there are only a minority that use the longer style putters: Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els- who recently joked “as long as it’s legal I’ll keep cheating like the rest of them”.
US Golf Association(UGSA) and the R&G are revisiting their 1989 statement as previously they said it was okay to use the long golf putter.

Most people completely disregard golf grips and haven’t re-gripped their clubs in years. However the grip on your golf club can really affect your performance- it is the one part of the club that you actually touch so it needs to be cared for just as much as the rest of your golf equipment.
Okay so re-gripping your golf club is not going to mean you magically find a bad swing improved but it in a survey done it did show that a vast majority found an “average drop of three to four strokes per round” when playing with fresh grip. The grip of your club effects how you swing and by re-gripping you will not have the fear that you might lose the stick in the swing and there will be less slip which can occur in over worn golf grips. A new grip will give better traction and feel more comfortable which generally leads to better and more accurate performance.
Some people may be put off if they think they will be out of action waiting for their clubs to be re-gripped but it’s never been easier to re-grip your club as now you can do it yourself. You can but golf grips online and in-store with instructions. Make sure you get the right size and type of grip for you. An oversized grip can lead to you having your hands too far apart when swinging and the opposite effect can occur when the grip is too small.
How often should you re-grip? After about 40 rounds it’s time to get new grip tape so for most people that’s about 1 years play. Don’t forget about those putters too, they are the most used piece of equipment so clean grip is needed for confident play with those too.

When it comes to buying a new golf trolley, there are a few things you need to consider. I have been golfing for more years than I care to admit – lest I reveal my age! – so habit had got the best of me and I had consistently stuck to my trusty manual golf trolley. But (as my kids keep telling me) I thought I best “get with the times” so began to research electric golf trolleys.

The first thing I encountered was the sheer amount of choice. In fact, my decision was made even harder by the amount of golf trolleys available! It was clear that I needed to find one that was re-chargeable and had a good battery, as some were said to run out of charge very quickly. If you are ever in the same boat as me, make sure you enquire about the batter when looking an electric golf trolley – you don’t want to be left dragging a heavy electric golf trolley complete with golf clubs because your gold trolley ran out of steam on the 18th hole!

I was a bit nervous about the price, too. Electric golf trolleys did seem to cost quite a few bob more than others, but in the long run I decided it would be a good investment. I’m not going to lie – I am getting on a bit, and it was beginning to become a bit of a struggle! If you decide that you need a new golf trolley, take my advice and invest in an electric one – your back will thank you!