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Putting is the most precise part of golf and therefore requires concentration, a steady hand and a lot of practice. To ensure you become one of the best golf putters at your green, it is important to make the most of your practice time, which is why there are many handy training aids to improve your putting game.

One of the most important elements of a good putting stroke is hitting the ball with the sweet spot of the club. The ‘Eyeline Sweet Spot 360’ is used to improve putting by reinforcing when the sweet spot of the club has been hit. Hit the sweet spot and you will hear the familiar sound of a good contact with the ball, and a perfect roll will follow. Miss it however, and the foam parts of the club face dull the sound, and the shot is less accurate. There are also a variety of putters which come with a curved face for practice, which skews the shot at an odd angle if the sweet spot is missed.

The ‘Yes Railmeter Training Aid’ helps improve the accuracy of a putters shot. When standing square with the rail, try to play a completely straight shot along the rail. A simple and effective way to play shots straight. Gamola Golf also stocks a number of putters with advanced technology for competitive use on the green. Many clubs from ‘Yes! Golf’ and ‘Benross golf’ feature grooves that help increase top spin on the ball which helps the accuracy of the shot.

For those new to golf, or those who need to update their full set of clubs, be sure to check out the Golf Package Set from Masters Golf. Masters Golf is the biggest golf brand in Europe, having sold more golf equipment than any other brands with a perfect mix of quality and value. For anyone needing to buy a range of clubs to get them round the golf course, Masters have created two easy to use package sets which cater to the need of novices and pros alike.

The Masters Men’s Golf Package Set MC-Z150 costs just £136.99 from online golf retailers, saving you 9% on the RRP. For this fantastic price you get a comprehensive starter range of clubs from Irons 6 to the Sand Wedge, an Oversize High Launch Driver, a Hybrid 24º and a putter. These clubs are available in either stainless steel or graphite, and come with a deluxe 9” Cart Bag or Stand bag and head covers.

The MC-Z350 package comprises a greater number of woods than the Z150 package, with the Oversize High Launch Driver accompanied by a Fairway number 5 and Hybrids 4 and 5. Stainless Steel Cavity Back Irons from number 6 to the Sand Wedge are also in the package which comes to £172.99. Head covers for all woods and a 9″ Cart bag or 8.5″ Stand Bag is also part of this fantastic offer.

Both sets are available in left handed versions. For all you need to get yourself to the green, look no further than a Masters Golf Package Set.

With Rory McIlroy rising to the top of the World rankings at the age of just 22 with victory in the Honda Classic, inevitably there were going to be comparisons with Tiger Woods, who achieved the same feat one year younger. However there are more than just the pairs’ achievements at relative ages to compare between the two. The pair employ the same golf grip, and comparisons between the mentality and style of both players have also been debated.

Both McIlroy and Woods use the interlocking golf grip, which is somewhat rare on the tour, behind the overlapping and light golf grips. However the style of their swing is quite different, with McIlroy more elegant, and Woods generating more power. Another important factor is mentality. Woods is famous for his self –belief which borders on arrogance. However McIlroy proved fallible to pressure in the 2011 Masters where he blew a four stroke lead. McIlroy has spoken about becoming more arrogant on the green, and his recent achievements show that this is an area he has improved.

The two are also gaining media attention for the women in their lives. Tiger, infamously of course after coming clean to the media about a string of affairs, while Rory McIlroy is dating former Womens number one tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. However this media intrusion shows what most drives the comparisons are the media. Ever since Woods’ fall from grace they have been looking for a new Tiger. In pure ability terms they may have one.

When it comes to golfing you need to ensure you have proper footwear else those golf greens and bunkers can become your worst nightmare. Special golf accessories for your footwear can be bought both online and in golfing equipment stores to ensure your shoes are both waterproof and have good traction. Soggy feet are not fun whether you’re on a golf course or not and can ruin expensive golf shoes therefore no one is going to perform at their best with wet toes. Getting your swing right is vital so with well-polished shoes and good traction this means you can just focus on your technique and that those golf shoes will look as good as new for longer.
You can buy both golfing cleats and soft golf shoe spikes to create that stable grip when playing. There are a few different types available to buy depending on comfort and what grip you like. Try small thread, large thread, Q-LOK system and fast twist (Tri-LOK system). These grips need to be replaced after a certain amount of time and you can even buy some which have indicators to show when they have worn down. To remove spikes or cleats quickly when replacing them it is also useful to purchase a spike wrench or ripper too. Obviously if you use them you will also need to invest in a good spike or cleat brush or cleaning set. Soft golf spikes are also advantageous for minimalizing marks on the green. One final golf shoe accessory you might also want to invest in is a golf shoe bag to keep your stuff organised.