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China’s 13 year old golf prodigy, Guan Tianlang, is set to take on the US now. Not satisfied with being the youngest player in a European Tour event now he wants to play in the US Open. He is also set to smash the record for being the youngest golfer in the China Open- beating Lo Shih-kai’s record when he played in 2003 at 13 years and 280 days old. All this talk of teen golfers definitely made me pro-active in efforts to improve my golf play. If you want to up your game too, here are a few of the newest golf accessories I purchased to help improve my sweet spot and target practice.

The first golf accessory I had my eye on was one to help me find that sweet spot- the key to any great putting. There are lots of cheap sweet spot accessories and a simple bit of designed foam can really do the trick. You add this to the face of your putter and then when the ball hits the sweet spot in the centre it rolls perfectly; however of it hits the outer foam then there will be a different sound and the ball will roll slowly. This helps practice where you need to place the putter so you hit that sweet spot every time you play. It is also a pretty cheap option for those of you who want a training tool that doesn’t break the bank. Each foam attachment can be used several times and you normally get a few in each pack.

The other golf accessory I decide to invest in was a target circle. The name says it all really but I definitely found my close range putting and chipping dramatically improved after a few practices with the target circles. They are bright colours so you can see them easily and get used to gaging the swing, speed and direction you should be putting in a real golf tournament or round.

There is a lot of essential elements to a golfers game, anyone who has learned to play will know all of the little adjustments that need to be made to perfect the swing. Then there is putting too, and that’s before we start talking about all the different elements of the club that need to marry up to its holder to make sure that right combination of accuracy in power is transferred down the golfers arms to the golf clubs face. Golf Grips may be one of the most important elements in making sure this transfer takes place.

Golf grips ensure a golfer keeps a good grip on the club. Simple it may seem, as to let go of the club and see it fly through the air after the ball is a real rookie error. However even the slightest movement of the club in the golfer hands will affect where the ball ends up. Dirt, sweat, simply pressure that leads to wear and tear will wear down the golfers clubs and make it harder to grip tightly and securely.

This is why it is important to make sure all your clubs are gripped correctly and the grip is maintained continuously to ensure it doesn’t mean that the perfect swing begins to decline through no fault of the golfer’s technique. It doesn’t matter if you grip the club like a vice, it will eventually wear down and you will find games you could have won, literally slipping through your fingers, if you don’t make sure to maintain your grips.

Golf is a popular sport, and while simply having a set of clubs and a ball may be enough for some, others have recognised areas of the experience that can be improved. From this they have developed a range of accessories, from the simple things like score cards, to the more extravagant golf carts.

Scorecards, pens and even bead counters to help keep a more accurate score are some of the more obvious and simple things to improve a round of Golf Accessories. However there are other simple things to carry which will help. A towel or a brush is useful in wet weather to remove mud from your clubs. Mud on the club will give a poor contact between club and ball, meaning an inferior club head performance. Cleaner clubs are better clubs, and there are a variety of things such as rain covers for your bag or head-covers to ensure clubs stay dry and clean.

There are more complicated solutions to improving the round too. High technology can be used to improve your range on the drive. A range of scope and GPS devices can help you measure precisely the distance to the hole. Scopes allow you to see the flag more easily and judge the distance yourself, while more complicated devices will use lasers to actually pinpoint exactly how far away the hole is.

There are so many ways to improve the golf experience, especially in the poorer weather, so make sure you investigate which accessories will improve your round.

A man who claimed more than £12,000 in disability benefits, despite having claimed it took him two minutes to walk ten yards, told a trial that pain killers and an electric golf trolley were crucial in allowing him to play golf. Robert Cave also claimed that he had a degenerative condition in his elbow, which was causing it to crumble and preventing him from seeking employment.

This defence against accusations of benefit fraud, despite the remarkable range of medication and electric golf trolleys available, has not held up under the scrutiny of Judge Andrew Hamilton, who branded the case one of the worst cases of benefit fraud he had seen. Cave, 50, was caught on camera playing a round of golf on a 3.8 mile course. An admirable effort as some quick maths tells me that walking between the holes on this course would have taken Cave more than 22 hours to complete a single round, if taken at the pace stated of 10 yards every 2 minutes. That’s not even considering the effort made for each swing of the club with damaged elbows at the 72 par course plus his 15 handicap equals 88 swings.

Cave’s 15 handicap is an impressive achievement for any player, never mind one that takes more nearly 24 hours to play a course, has crumbling elbows and takes 10-15 minutes to get out of bed because of his condition. The mounting evidence from the video clearly suggests otherwise: Cave simply takes 15 -20 minutes to get out of bed because he is lazy.