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When it comes to golf drivers, thankfully, in today’s golfing world development has come on leaps and bounds so it has never been a better time to start teeing off. Just like with any sport the advantages of investing in a good piece of equipment when moving the golf balls round the course can be crucial to your play. When it comes to buying the right golf driver there are lots of different types to choose from, including top of the range drivers to cheaper options but getting the best one really comes down to which suits your game best. For example, if you struggle with finding the sweet spot on the head of a driver you might find the increased MOI on a square head more suited to your play as this creates straighter shots even if the club wasn’t directly on the ball.

For those golfers with an already low handicap you should look at drivers which are at tour standard and include features that allow you to work the ball. Therefore, some of the high end drivers have movable weight technology and moveable heads. The shaft on the driver can also alter the flight of a golf ball creating a more all-round consistent performance on the course.

If you have a medium handicap then again, buying a more premium driver might help to improve your game, you should also consider your loft as dropping down might help increase the distance you get.

High handicap golfers should take into account all these things and also try and opt for a driver with a head of 460cc as this will mean more forgiveness on those slightly more inaccurate swings.

A few weeks ago it was my uncle’s birthday and being the avid golfer that he is, the family thought we should club together to get him some brand new golf gear. We split ourselves into groups, divvying up the golf drivers here and the tee-buyers there and the biggest group was handed the task of purchasing the golf trolley.

Now, my uncle is notoriously against gold trolley’s, claiming that he has a “perfectly good set of shoulders” and he intends to use them! It’s a shame, because we found dozens of swanky looking golf trolleys on the web just by searching for “Golf Trolleys UK” and they were all reasonably priced. So I then gave myself the task of convincing my uncle that golf trolleys where the way forward!

I started by showing him all the cool golf trolleys UK websites had to offer, but again he fed me that same line; “I’ve got shoulders!” so I realised a whole new tactic was needed and struck gold when I came across an article about Injuries caused by golf bags. One pro-golf trolley fan even said that due to over bending, twisting and general strain caused by his golf bag, his game was thrown off for weeks whilst he received physical therapy! One glimpse of this and my uncle soon buckled!

So thanks to searching for “Golf Trolleys UK” my uncle’s lovely new golf drivers and tee’s are being carted about in style!

Golf accessories and equipment traditionally started out rather dull and boring with minimal experimentation when it came to colours and design. On the whole however, while there has been a significant degree of advancement, the vast majority of golf accessories and golf grips in shops can still primarily feature dull, plain colours such as black. The solution if you want more colour in your golf bag: shop online instead and find exactly what you want.

I am a relatively young golfer in that I am currently in my late 20s and have gotten to grips with the game over the past few years spent playing with friends. I have more money to pour into my equipment now so I can be more adventurous with my purchases. It had been a while since I had last replaced my golf grips and I have finally decided that now is the time to do so. When searching for new golf grips last week I became aware that Lamkin launched a new range which consisted of some bold colours including green, orange, red and blue. I will definitely be ordering some of these grips when I get paid at the end of the month – giving me just two weeks to side on which colour for which club!

Regardless of colour, the engineering that has gone into the new Lamkin golf grips appears to be incredible. What I was most interested in was the mention of a European range which is intended for players who need excellent feel and control and poor weather conditions – excellent considering I live in Scotland!

Last year I was fortunate enough to reach retirement age in May and was presented with the difficult task having to find activities to fill the days in what had been my longest summer in years. I had owned my own basic set of golf clubs for years but had always lacked the time, golf accessories, and good golf putters, needed to make any major improvement to my game. Spending a couple of days each week on the golf course I noticed the extra items available to the golfer who wished to potentially improve his game; so I decided to investigate!

Through browsing golf shops, both online and offline, I quickly bore witness to wide variety of useless golf accessories out there (presumably to be used as gifts for old codgers like me). After some browsing and witnessing other players on the course I decided to invest in a ball retriever and a putting gate. A further investment during my hunt for new golf gear was on a shiny new golf putter – I just couldn’t help myself.

So, armed with my new golf putter and putting gate I was able to improve my short game considerably by practicing at home. Additionally, the retriever I found to be particularly useful in terms of easing my back pain from being able to avoid bending over to pick up balls. There are a lot of golf accessories out there that won’t be of any use to you, so choose wisely if you want to enhance your game.

Did you know that the game of gold originated way back in the 15th century from the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland? No need for top-notch golf grips and the latest putters back then – this primitive game of golf was played using sticks and pebbles! Thank goodness the game developed throughout the 16th century with the popularity of the game reaching Mary Queen of Scots, otherwise golf as we know it nowadays may be a very different sport.

Being a massive golf fan, I love to hear about how this sport started with something as simple as pebbles and sticks then progressed to clubs with heads made of beech or even apple trees and shafts made of hazel or ash. The golf balls back in the day were made of feathers that had been tightly compressed and wrapped in horse hide – doesn’t sound too pretty! It still took ages for the world of golf to start using golf grips, though – in fact they didn’t hit production until 1925! That’s over 400 (or so!) years after golf was invented, and not even by the country that birthed the sport. Alas, I couldn’t find any information on the inventor but the very first manufacturer of golf grips was based in Chicago.

The golfers amongst you will know the importance of golf grips – imagine a time when you couldn’t get your hands round them! I’m not the only one whose swing would probably be affected, so I for one am extremely happy to have my grip of rubber, leather, cording and more!