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It would appear that the gold putter is the most coveted member of your Golf Package Set family! A lot of golfers consider their putter to be one of the most important clubs that they own and when embarking on a competition as big as, say, the US Open, this little instrument is likely to be well looked after by a pro golfer. Canadian James Love found out the hard way how important it was to keep your golf putter safe!

He let his golf package set out of his sight for moments and upon returning found that his prized golf putter – engraved with his name – had in fact gone missing. He was then forced to borrow a ladies golf putter from Kristi Larson. Love had been apprehensive to play with anything other than the putter that he had grown so used to and tried out 5 different clubs before settling with Larson’s. He made the final decisions due to the fact that, “It’s got the same head as the putter I had,” adding that it would still be tricky to use as it was far lighter than his beloved golf putter and 3 inches shorter. However, despite this little setback, Love went on to finish in 7th place, proving that a pro golfer can overcome any golfing obstacle! He stated “I’m trying to get used to it, but I’ve been leaving a lot of putts short. I’m not trying to make excuses. You should be able to putt with anything.”

No doubt you have all been catching up with the action at the US Golf Open, and if you golfing ladies are anything like me you will have been drooling over the lovely Golf Package Sets carted around by Danielle Kang and Kelly Jacques! Ok, it may be a sport but there is nothing wrong with wanting to stamp your personality on your golf package set or even your golf putter and so on! Some narrow minds may still think that “Golf is for men” and sure, the sport is still dominated by men but this just gives us ladies all the more reason to flaunt our femininity on the course; in my humble opinion, anyway.

This is why I have picked a delightful gold package set for myself complete with pink trim on my golf bag. This does not make me any less serious about the sport and my golf putter, wedge and so on are all top calibre and they just look that little bit prettier!

Its clearly not just us golfing ladies that love to jazz up our golf sets – have you seen the golf package candy currently being used by Tiger Woods? This pro clearly has a taste for a bit of bling bling – I read that he has his golf cart kitted out with spinning hubs and all! – and consistently sports the shiniest and most fancy Nike clubs, proving that the men care just as much about looking slick on the course as ladies do!

Golf enthusiasts may already know this, but it may surprise some of you to learn that golf accessories like a golf cart were not commonplace until 14 years ago. Until then even pro golfers had to cart around their own gold wedges and so on – unless of course they had their very own lackey to do it for them! It wasn’t until Casey Martin filed a lawsuit for his right to utilise golf carts during golf competitions back in 2001 and won against the PGA that golf accessories like that were even taken seriously on the green. Casey Martin suffers from a circulatory disorder and experiences reduced blood flow to his leg making walking difficult, which is why he needed this essential in golf accessories.

Nowadays you rarely see golf star heading to the green in the US Open without their gold wedges, putters and so on tucked neatly inside their golf carts, but naturally some of them are far more ostentatious than others! Unsurprisingly, golfing superstar Tiger Woods can be seen driving around in a “pimped out” golf cart drives at double the speed of a regular golf car! Despite the fact that he claims not to care about such extravagances, Tiger Wood’s slick little vehicle was custom built to his specifications and even features some cracking spinning wheels, the likes of which would not look out of place in the latest P Diddy video! Talk about the ultimate in golf accessories!

Golf Trolleys hen you settle down to watch the Golf Opens this year’s you will notice that the professionals all have the very best gear – from the coolest golf trolleys to slick little golf accessories. Naturally the golf accessories or the golf trolleys that a golfer picks don’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but hey – what can we say? If Carly Booth, Azahara Munoz and Anastasia Kostina have all the best gear then naturally we will covet it!

Though it is not fair to lump us all together, if you lady golf fans are anything like me you will take your golf accessories as seriously as you take your golfing….well, almost! There are tonnes of companies out there providing us ladies with some excellently girly golf accessories – from pretty pink golf trolleys to flowery gold bags, hats in pastel colours to specially made little gold socks, we have much more fun picking out our golf accessories than your average male golfer!

My personal fave when it comes to golf accessories are the golf balls – the bright pink ones in particular! These look like gloriously shiny sweeties and I must admit, I love the added ego-boost I get when I take my shiny, hot-pink balls out of my flowery golf bag that sits on one of the cutest golf trolleys you have ever seen! The men all share a look – a “This’ll be a laugh” look – which means that it is all the more satisfying when I send those pretty pink balls soaring way over their heads!