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Let’s face it – golfing does have a rep for being the sport of choice for the wealthy. Unlike many other sports, golfing is one that means you need to have a healthy bank balance to enjoy simply because of the amount of golf accessories, some of which are essentials. Golf has its fair share of little luxuries, but if you stick to just the essential golf accessories and get them online for cut prices then you don’t need to break your piggy bank to get the most out of your golfing experience. Essential golf accessories include:

Golf Bags – you need something to cart your clubs around the course, so unless you’ve got more than 2 hands, you couldn’t possibly do that without one.

Tees – some like to golf without them, but unless you’re putting the ball into the cup, golf tees present an advantage, as it is easier to get a really good shot when using a tee.

In my personal opinion, these are the only ESSENTIAL golf accessories needed to play golf, the rest are little luxuries that whilst you don’t necessarily need them, stand to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Take golf shoes – not essential! In some very rare cases, clubs will require you to wear shoes but most don’t mind. They are designed to keep you from slipping though, but if you fancy a pair I’d look online rather than in store. Golf Apparel is something that is no more essential than the colour of tee you choose, but again, does enhance your enjoyment of the whole experience. Apparel can also be found online far cheaper than in a shop, so make sure you check that out, too, and prove that golfing isn’t just for fat cats!

OK, so the truth is, since I’m relatively new to the game of golf, Golf Accessories never entered my mind. My friends have played for years and I finally thought, I should at least give it a shot. (see what I did there) Now thanks to my friend Paul, who recently got a new set of golf clubs, he has graciously given me his old ones. Given that we live in Scotland in September, the chances of rain are pretty high, so when Paul advised me to invest in an Umbrella and some mitts, I thought he’d confused me with my Grandmother. Once he explained that I’d need these things for playing golf in the winter, it made a lot more sense.

I decided to take my friend with me and go shopping for all the golf accessories, I’d need. When you play golf in the winter, especially in Scotland, an Umbrella is a must have. Going round the entire golf course getting drenched in rain is not the best way to play the game. Winter mitts are another popular accessory that I picked up while in the golf shop. They can help your grip and also keep you warm, so it’s win-win. Finally, my best purchase was the Ball retriever. When you’re on the 16th hold and your ball is just that bit too far away, the ball retriever lets you get it back without being covered in mud and grass. I spent way too much money, but after seeing the results it was definitely worth it.

Have you ever been to a golf course or seen professional golf players on TV? You might be wondering what those plush dolls are doing on top of the golf clubs. These things are called golf covers and they are placed on top of the golf club to protect it. The golf covers that you saw are just one of the many designs of golf covers being sold in the market today. Different designs are made of different materials which can be expensive. But, you really don’t need to buy expensive covers for your golf equipment. Even cheap golf covers can give protection from golf club damages.

Golf players have the freedom to use any golf cover they want. They can be very classic and traditional or go totally goofy with it. Some players will use small teddy bear golf covers while some pick those that are plain and simple. Golf covers can be made of rubber, leather and neoprene. It will really depend on the golfer which one he/she chooses.

Further, there are golf covers that you can just slide in the golf club head while some needs to be zippered up. The most important thing here is that the whole golf club head is protected. Golf clubs are very expensive and every golfer wants to avoid spending money on new clubs so they use golf covers. These covers help prevent rust from varying weather conditions as well as knicks and scratches when golf clubs tend to rub against each other inside the bag.

Building a golf club can be an easy proposition if you have the finest golf components. A good concept is also an important part of the process. Golf club components have been constantly developed to improve the game. Hence, it is really significant to familiarize yourself with some of the most basic components of golf.

One of the most essential components is the head. The head is basically categorized into two different types. One is the iron head that features an angled surface. Iron heads are ideal in instances where high shots are required. The other type is the wood head. The advantage of using wood heads is that they generate energy to allow the ball to go farther. Nowadays, the size and number of heads that can be found on the market are overwhelming. The golf club industry has been rapidly expanding to meet the increasing demands for the different types of heads. The shaft is also a vital golf component. There are various shafts that can be used to assemble a golf club. The graphite shafts are light and are thus most suitable for beginner golfers. In addition, graphite shafts are believed to have a huge impact on the golfer’s distance and accuracy. Unusual metal shafts have also emerged. These stiff golf shafts are typically reserved for professional golfers. The grip is a golf club component that is usually made of rubber. Although it has not been altered for many years, recent innovation has produced new types of grips.

The vast range of golf components available has made the process of assembling a golf club easier and more convenient. In order to ensure a successful golf club making, purchase only the best golf club components that fit your style and needs.

A game of golf does not only depend on the ability and expertise of the player, but it is dependent on the type of equipment used during the game. While most novice golf players opt to purchase ready-made equipment or those readily available in sports shop, the more experienced they become, the more they learn that exploring different golf components can be very rewarding for their golf games.

In the UK, there are many types and materials for golf clubs, shafts, and heads and it is good that you combine one type of component with another to see what perfectly fits for your game play. There are also golf components specifically tailored for women golfers so that they won’t have to purchase equipment that are usually used by men. Experimenting with head shapes is one example of hybrid combinations. Try the different brands available to suit with your playing style. Additionally, explore different shafts made of graphite or wood for a more exciting game play.

Exploring with golf components poses a lot of disadvantages for the golf enthusiast. Remember, golf equipment usually found in sports shop is not really 100% fit with your playing style. Most of these equipment are just generic that even professional golf players opt to have their equipment custom built for a more perfect game play. To help you choose the right components, you can inquire from any trusted golf component company and they’ll be more than ready to help you come up with the perfect equipment.