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Golf accessories and equipment traditionally started out rather dull and boring with minimal experimentation when it came to colours and design. On the whole however, while there has been a significant degree of advancement, the vast majority of golf accessories and golf grips in shops can still primarily feature dull, plain colours such as black. The solution if you want more colour in your golf bag: shop online instead and find exactly what you want.

I am a relatively young golfer in that I am currently in my late 20s and have gotten to grips with the game over the past few years spent playing with friends. I have more money to pour into my equipment now so I can be more adventurous with my purchases. It had been a while since I had last replaced my golf grips and I have finally decided that now is the time to do so. When searching for new golf grips last week I became aware that Lamkin launched a new range which consisted of some bold colours including green, orange, red and blue. I will definitely be ordering some of these grips when I get paid at the end of the month – giving me just two weeks to side on which colour for which club!

Regardless of colour, the engineering that has gone into the new Lamkin golf grips appears to be incredible. What I was most interested in was the mention of a European range which is intended for players who need excellent feel and control and poor weather conditions – excellent considering I live in Scotland!

Did you know that the game of gold originated way back in the 15th century from the Kingdom of Fife in Scotland? No need for top-notch golf grips and the latest putters back then – this primitive game of golf was played using sticks and pebbles! Thank goodness the game developed throughout the 16th century with the popularity of the game reaching Mary Queen of Scots, otherwise golf as we know it nowadays may be a very different sport.

Being a massive golf fan, I love to hear about how this sport started with something as simple as pebbles and sticks then progressed to clubs with heads made of beech or even apple trees and shafts made of hazel or ash. The golf balls back in the day were made of feathers that had been tightly compressed and wrapped in horse hide – doesn’t sound too pretty! It still took ages for the world of golf to start using golf grips, though – in fact they didn’t hit production until 1925! That’s over 400 (or so!) years after golf was invented, and not even by the country that birthed the sport. Alas, I couldn’t find any information on the inventor but the very first manufacturer of golf grips was based in Chicago.

The golfers amongst you will know the importance of golf grips – imagine a time when you couldn’t get your hands round them! I’m not the only one whose swing would probably be affected, so I for one am extremely happy to have my grip of rubber, leather, cording and more!

There is a lot of essential elements to a golfers game, anyone who has learned to play will know all of the little adjustments that need to be made to perfect the swing. Then there is putting too, and that’s before we start talking about all the different elements of the club that need to marry up to its holder to make sure that right combination of accuracy in power is transferred down the golfers arms to the golf clubs face. Golf Grips may be one of the most important elements in making sure this transfer takes place.

Golf grips ensure a golfer keeps a good grip on the club. Simple it may seem, as to let go of the club and see it fly through the air after the ball is a real rookie error. However even the slightest movement of the club in the golfer hands will affect where the ball ends up. Dirt, sweat, simply pressure that leads to wear and tear will wear down the golfers clubs and make it harder to grip tightly and securely.

This is why it is important to make sure all your clubs are gripped correctly and the grip is maintained continuously to ensure it doesn’t mean that the perfect swing begins to decline through no fault of the golfer’s technique. It doesn’t matter if you grip the club like a vice, it will eventually wear down and you will find games you could have won, literally slipping through your fingers, if you don’t make sure to maintain your grips.

With Rory McIlroy rising to the top of the World rankings at the age of just 22 with victory in the Honda Classic, inevitably there were going to be comparisons with Tiger Woods, who achieved the same feat one year younger. However there are more than just the pairs’ achievements at relative ages to compare between the two. The pair employ the same golf grip, and comparisons between the mentality and style of both players have also been debated.

Both McIlroy and Woods use the interlocking golf grip, which is somewhat rare on the tour, behind the overlapping and light golf grips. However the style of their swing is quite different, with McIlroy more elegant, and Woods generating more power. Another important factor is mentality. Woods is famous for his self –belief which borders on arrogance. However McIlroy proved fallible to pressure in the 2011 Masters where he blew a four stroke lead. McIlroy has spoken about becoming more arrogant on the green, and his recent achievements show that this is an area he has improved.

The two are also gaining media attention for the women in their lives. Tiger, infamously of course after coming clean to the media about a string of affairs, while Rory McIlroy is dating former Womens number one tennis player Caroline Wozniacki. However this media intrusion shows what most drives the comparisons are the media. Ever since Woods’ fall from grace they have been looking for a new Tiger. In pure ability terms they may have one.

Most people completely disregard golf grips and haven’t re-gripped their clubs in years. However the grip on your golf club can really affect your performance- it is the one part of the club that you actually touch so it needs to be cared for just as much as the rest of your golf equipment.
Okay so re-gripping your golf club is not going to mean you magically find a bad swing improved but it in a survey done it did show that a vast majority found an “average drop of three to four strokes per round” when playing with fresh grip. The grip of your club effects how you swing and by re-gripping you will not have the fear that you might lose the stick in the swing and there will be less slip which can occur in over worn golf grips. A new grip will give better traction and feel more comfortable which generally leads to better and more accurate performance.
Some people may be put off if they think they will be out of action waiting for their clubs to be re-gripped but it’s never been easier to re-grip your club as now you can do it yourself. You can but golf grips online and in-store with instructions. Make sure you get the right size and type of grip for you. An oversized grip can lead to you having your hands too far apart when swinging and the opposite effect can occur when the grip is too small.
How often should you re-grip? After about 40 rounds it’s time to get new grip tape so for most people that’s about 1 years play. Don’t forget about those putters too, they are the most used piece of equipment so clean grip is needed for confident play with those too.

Golf grips are indispensable to your game; it should make you feel confident when playing and feel reliable in your hands, making you feel connected to the golf club. A golf grip may seem like a minor part of your golf equipment but it is vital to be a good player.

Golf grips that are well used will slip easily and increase rotation; this will result in a bad performance. It is therefore important to get your golf clubs re-gripped on a regular basis as new grips will give you the grip you need to make you a better player. You should consider re-gripping when the surface is smooth; sometimes however it is so obvious that you need new golf grips that you can’t see it. Inspect both sides of your golf grip, if there are any shiny patches, cracks, scuffing where the thumbs make contact or if they have lost their tackiness from harsh storage conditions then you need new golf grips. Often comparing a new golf grip with an existing golf grip can pinpoint any problems.

It is relatively easy to change your golf grips and the right grip will have a big impact on your golfing ability to shoot lower scores.

When you re-grip you can choose between water based re-gripping or solvent based re-gripping. Water grip strips are applied to the shaft and the golf grip and installed using water and washing up liquid. This method is good for casual golfers and newcomers to re-gripping. Another option is solvent re-gripping which requires gripping solvent and is regarded as the professional method.

You can find instructions online or in golf stores and the process is fairly straightforward. A survey done by a leading golf equipment supplier found that 86% of customers said re-gripping was easy and 14% said it wasn’t difficult. No-one said it was hard.

Picture the scene:  a newbie to the golf scene (not naming any names, ahem) is springing about the course with her dad, trying to get to grips with the basics when BAM – her first attempt at a swing throws the golf club from her hands and narrowly misses a group of business men.  This is why you need golf grips!  The first time my dad took me golfing he gave me his old, tatty club with an equally old, tatty golf grip and look what happened!  When you come to buying a golf grip, there are absolutely tonnes of choices open to you, and they even have pretty ones for the ladies!  My dad and I have another golfing date set up for next weekend, so I decided to invest in one to avoid a repeat performance!

Not only are there masses of golf grip manufacturers (30 alone on the top golf website I checked out) but each of these manufacturers also have hordes of different designs.  My first stop was my dad’s fave – Golf Pride – and they were surprisingly reasonable prices considering they are one of the top.  They were far too sensible for my taste though, so I moved on to Sharpro, who had really funky, vibrant colours in their collection and were all under £2!  I treated myself to a sleek, sky blue golf grip and we even picked up a little stocking filler for my brother while we were at it – a cool Black Widow golf grip decorated with a spider for just £3.  No my little club looks great – I just need to work on my awful swing!

Before you start swinging that golf club around the nearest green, you need to make sure you have a wicked grip so that your cutting-edge golf club you treated yourself to doesn’t suddenly leap from your hands! The number one brand of golf grip is Golf Pride UK, who is consistently celebrated for their ground-breaking advancements in the golfing industry and can even boast the fact that they have brought golf fans everywhere more wins than any other golf grip brand; if it’s good enough for Tiger Woods it’s definitely good enough for me! So when my own golf grip was looking a bit peaky, you can bet your hat that Golf Pride was the one I chose, and the website I chose to supply me with this gem offered extremely competitive prices.

Providing the golf world with necessities since they opened their (virtual) doors, the website I chose has a legion of fans thanks to their really reasonable prices. When I went to buy my Golf Pride grip I was spoiled for choice in the colour department, as they hold these excellent grips in 9 different colours. Golf Pride grips can be found all over this wonderful web, but for just £6.73 (25% off, may I add?), I snapped up a vibrant orange number, and can now rest assured that this exclusive, soft rubber golf grip with weather control will keep that gold club in my hand no matter how sketchy my own golf skills may be!

The British Summer has never been renowned for glorious weather and this year has been no different. While this makes your hair wet, your body cold, it also affects your golf grip. If you’ve played golf regularly, you’ll know the difference between playing with a club that has a great grip and one that mucks up your shot every time you try to make that tiger woods like shot. Well, the British weather doesn’t help either. By the time October comes around you can expect pretty dreadful weather for the rest of the year. This is why it’s important to make sure you have the best grips for your clubs, so that all year long, your swing can remain as impressive as ever.

Luckily, the good folks at Gamola Golf understand your predicament and have a whole range of grips to suit a club any shape or size. When you access the site and click on ‘Golf Grips’ the choice can be daunting. There are so many different brands, different colours and different prices. Well, the great thing about Gamola is you can just call up their dedicated telephone number and one of their great advisers can help you get the information to make sure you buy the best clubs for you. It also doesn’t hurt that they are very reasonably priced. So if you need new grips for your clubs or any other golf accessories for that matter, head over to Gamola Golf today for the latest deals.

After an absolute disaster earlier this week, I’m pleased to say Golf Pride saved the day. As someone whose knowledge of golf doesn’t go much further than Tiger Woods, the prospect of going to play with friends was an activity I wasn’t looking forward to.

There’s always a fear of embarrassment when trying out a new sport in front of friends who are already decent amateurs at the game. After spending six months giving the standard excuses of being too busy or a family emergency, I finally agreed to head on down to the local golf course and give it a go. The day finally came and we headed down to the course to try our luck at the 18 hole game.

My friend, Paul, had generously offered to loan me some of his clubs for the occasion. The three other lads went first and compared to what they were about to witness from me, they looked like Colin Montgomery on the grass. It was my turn. My hands were sweating with fear at how badly it was going to go. I swayed my club back and… actually looked like a competent swing. I couldn’t believe it. Granted, it was nothing special and my friends didn’t seem terribly interested, but all things considered it went well. They wanted to get to the next hole. But for me an accomplishment had been made. Thank goodness, I had Golf Pride’s grip on my club, otherwise, I fear my shot may have not gone as well as it did.