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No doubt you have all been catching up with the action at the US Golf Open, and if you golfing ladies are anything like me you will have been drooling over the lovely Golf Package Sets carted around by Danielle Kang and Kelly Jacques! Ok, it may be a sport but there is nothing wrong with wanting to stamp your personality on your golf package set or even your golf putter and so on! Some narrow minds may still think that “Golf is for men” and sure, the sport is still dominated by men but this just gives us ladies all the more reason to flaunt our femininity on the course; in my humble opinion, anyway.

This is why I have picked a delightful gold package set for myself complete with pink trim on my golf bag. This does not make me any less serious about the sport and my golf putter, wedge and so on are all top calibre and they just look that little bit prettier!

Its clearly not just us golfing ladies that love to jazz up our golf sets – have you seen the golf package candy currently being used by Tiger Woods? This pro clearly has a taste for a bit of bling bling – I read that he has his golf cart kitted out with spinning hubs and all! – and consistently sports the shiniest and most fancy Nike clubs, proving that the men care just as much about looking slick on the course as ladies do!

For those new to golf, or those who need to update their full set of clubs, be sure to check out the Golf Package Set from Masters Golf. Masters Golf is the biggest golf brand in Europe, having sold more golf equipment than any other brands with a perfect mix of quality and value. For anyone needing to buy a range of clubs to get them round the golf course, Masters have created two easy to use package sets which cater to the need of novices and pros alike.

The Masters Men’s Golf Package Set MC-Z150 costs just £136.99 from online golf retailers, saving you 9% on the RRP. For this fantastic price you get a comprehensive starter range of clubs from Irons 6 to the Sand Wedge, an Oversize High Launch Driver, a Hybrid 24º and a putter. These clubs are available in either stainless steel or graphite, and come with a deluxe 9” Cart Bag or Stand bag and head covers.

The MC-Z350 package comprises a greater number of woods than the Z150 package, with the Oversize High Launch Driver accompanied by a Fairway number 5 and Hybrids 4 and 5. Stainless Steel Cavity Back Irons from number 6 to the Sand Wedge are also in the package which comes to £172.99. Head covers for all woods and a 9″ Cart bag or 8.5″ Stand Bag is also part of this fantastic offer.

Both sets are available in left handed versions. For all you need to get yourself to the green, look no further than a Masters Golf Package Set.

Whether you’re a newbie just starting out and need a nice little start-up, a pro who just fancies a brand spanking new Golf Package Set or the patient wife of a golf-nut wishing to treat your lovely husband to a birthday present (one that equally benefits you by getting him out of your hair for a few hours!) – make sure your first port of call is Gamola Golf, they have excellent deal available there right now: a fantastic complete Golf Package Set for just £153.19!

Dubbed “MD Golf Surefire Deluxe Graphite/Steel Set & Trolley”, this complete golf package includes exactly what it says on the tin! In this exceptionally handsomely designed golf bag you will find a full set of clubs (11 of them, to be exact) complete with 4 head covers, golf balls, golf trolley and fantastic, huge golf umbrella to top it all off because, let’s face it, this is Britain! All of this sits in a cutting-edge bag with dividers and a multitude of pockets so you can tuck that umbrella away or pop your mobile in there for some quiet time.

This is a fantastic deal that, at £153.19, is at least £40 less than average, and most of them don’t even include that handy umbrella! The icing on the cake (or the tee on the green!) is the fact that this excellent Golf Set was once £249.99 – so not only do you know it’s of fantastic quality, but you’re also getting it at 39% off! Bargain!