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Your golf putter is one of the most important members of any golf package set, so you need to make sure that yours is a good ‘un! There have been many fads in the world of the golf putter world from the “Ghost” putter and the ridiculous “Spider” putter, but in the midst of the Irish Open capers we have seen the release of a putter that looks like it could be set to stay: the Peanut Putter!

Not, we are not talking about the delicious peanutty treat we spread on toast though the name bears an extremely close resemblance! We are talking about the brand new range of golf putters that are soon to be sitting snuggly in your golf bag. Befittingly developed by an Irish golfing company, the Peanut Putter features a distinctive shaped head reminiscent of a monkey-nut shell (hence the name) and has promised golfers game improvement with the view to sink more golf balls. Though these are brand new, they have already been used by pros like Simon Dyson, Vijay Singh and Darren Clarke and the company boasting this creation already have more than 300 pre-orders under their belts!

The brain behind this Peanut Putter, Robin Daly, stated, “I am confident that this brand new putter concept is one of the best in the world. As a design engineer, the most rewarding part of the job is seeing form and function combine.”

Of course this brand new range of golf putters cannot promise to bag you scores but they could enhance your game!

It would appear that the gold putter is the most coveted member of your Golf Package Set family! A lot of golfers consider their putter to be one of the most important clubs that they own and when embarking on a competition as big as, say, the US Open, this little instrument is likely to be well looked after by a pro golfer. Canadian James Love found out the hard way how important it was to keep your golf putter safe!

He let his golf package set out of his sight for moments and upon returning found that his prized golf putter – engraved with his name – had in fact gone missing. He was then forced to borrow a ladies golf putter from Kristi Larson. Love had been apprehensive to play with anything other than the putter that he had grown so used to and tried out 5 different clubs before settling with Larson’s. He made the final decisions due to the fact that, “It’s got the same head as the putter I had,” adding that it would still be tricky to use as it was far lighter than his beloved golf putter and 3 inches shorter. However, despite this little setback, Love went on to finish in 7th place, proving that a pro golfer can overcome any golfing obstacle! He stated “I’m trying to get used to it, but I’ve been leaving a lot of putts short. I’m not trying to make excuses. You should be able to putt with anything.”

Golf putters can really determine the outcome of a golf game- choose a good putter and you will decrease the amount of strokes or at the very least minimize the amount on the putting green but choose a duff one and you could well end up losing the game! Obviously this is with the understanding that you have practiced your stroke beforehand- you can’t always blame the tools! However with the amount of putters available on the market it can be a bit daunting so where to begin when you are choosing a new one?
The first thing to consider is the shape of your Golf Putters there are 3 main shapes you can choose from: mallet style, blade style and cavity back putters. Mallet heads are easier to control because they are a bit heavier than normal style shapes but people can also prefer the cavity backs because they have a larger sweet spot because of the hollow area in the middle of the back. Blade style putters are the least forgiving on your swing but do have the advantage of being aesthetically pleasing to the eye as they look quite traditional.
To ensure your putter feels comfortable when you swing you should also try out different putter types to see what suits you. You can either choose to buy a conventional lone or belly putter. Conventional are the most popular but if you suffer from an over active wrist or a bad back then the other 2 options might be better for you. The third point of contact of a belly putter provides more stability and an upright stance when putting suits the long putter.

Since winning the U.S. Masters in 1997 Tiger Woods and his famous golf putters have thrived in the golfing word, winning further awards and securing global recognition. Not only did he set the record score of 270 but at the tender age of 21 he became the youngest man to win such a prize. Every golfer dreams of being as good as Woods himself and aims to buy the best equipment. The question on everyone’s lips though, is what gold putters does the genius use?

Since 1997 Woods has won three Open Championships, four US PGA titles, three U.S. Open wins and three U.S. Masters wins. He must be doing something right, Tiger uses an ‘Anser-style’ Nike method 001 blade golf putter. This model is designed around the iconic PING Anser golf putters that were available in the 1980s and 1990s. Wood’s has enough power and fortune to get his very own model though the closest we’re going to get is the Ping Anser 2 which is the golf putter that Tiger used for his entire amateur career.

The Ping Anser 2 is stainless steel and is said to provide better length control over the original Ping Anser because it has a bigger sweet spot, it’s also perfect for all levels of players regardless to their handicap. The gold putter still used by Greg Norman, Mark O’Meara and Robert Allenby costs around £70 from online golf retailers though prices do vary so do your research and find some bargain golf putters that will help you play like the pros.

Some golf fans consider their Golf Putters to be one of the most important jobs of all the golf clubs – after all, this is the guy that gets the ball in the hole! If you want the most pristine putter that is going to help you “putt for dough” but don’t want to pay through the nose, there are a lot of options open to you with the multitude of golf putters for sale online.

I often find that the internet is the best bet when buying golf clubs, because – like virtually everything else in the world! – They can be found cheaper online, not to mention there will be a much larger selection. Typing “Golf Putters for Sale” will present you with tonnes of choice for reasonably priced putters that will have you rolling that ball into the hole smoother than you ever have before! Some of the sites even have money off the recommended retail price as standard, whereas others will have big cut-price sales in which you could even swing yourself an awesome putter at half (or more!) off! And I’m talking the cream of the crop – just because they come at cut prices doesn’t mean they’re from the bargain bin! These are fantastic steel or graphite putters complete with added extras that will truly enhance your game play. Things like “Patented sight alignment system” and “C-Groove face technology” are being offered at much less than you would expect to pay in a shop. So if you need to find out which golf putters are on sale, head online.

Picture the scene: you’re out with the boys, the sun is shining, the grass is springy and you pull out your latest purchase, a shiny new putter that has you rolling that ball smoothly across the green and into the cup, turning your friends turning green with envy and making them wonder where they can get one like yours! If ever there was a time to make your fantasy a reality, it’s now, with the sheer amount of excellent golf putters for sale at very reasonable prices.

The ever popular Gamola Golf have some pretty excellent offers on right now, from some of the best golf shoes in the industry to cutting edge drivers that will have you sending that ball cutting through the air like Moses through the red sea! The putters prove exceptionally good value, with excellent quality putters designed to enhance your game play to its highest potential are starting at just £45.95 at Gamola Golf, and if you’re treating yourself, check out their Yes C Groove Putter Dianna R/H34 that boasts 3 interchangeable weights, bringing you 3 different heads! This little guy is extremely impressive and will certainly put you at the top of your golfing game in no time! This site also offers cutting-edge designs that don’t just make for a smoother roll but also stand to make you the envy of your golf buddies. There’s a whole host of amazing deals available at Gamola Golf, so if you want to be top of your game, I think it’s time to treat yourself some new gear, don’t you?

You golf putter is an important aspect of your golf game. Even if you are still a beginner golfer, you need to be knowledgeable of all the type of putters out there. You must find something that feels most comfortable for you as it will help you improve your golf swing. Golf putters are not cheap so if you see a golf putter for sale, take the chance to look around and try your luck in finding something that suits you.

However, even though the putters are on sale, don’t be too quick to buy anything just to have a putter under your name. If you don’t have the slightest idea how to shop for one, here are simple tips to buy a golf putter:

1.      Find the right price. There’s no point in buying an expensive putter at this point because you are changing it anyway. When your golf game matures, you will find a better putter for your game. So, at this stage, know a good budget and stick to it.

2.      Choose the type of putter. With all the different types of putter out there, you need to know what suits your style. There are long putters, belly putters, center-shafted putters, normal length putters and etc. All of them will be used differently and for a specific purpose. Consult your golfing coach on what type you need.

3.      Pick the lie of the putter. Putters also have different lies and if you are not advised well, you won’t bother with this much. What you can do is try out different lies and see what’s the most comfortable for you when you swing.

Putting is a very important aspect of your golf game and if you feel that your putting needs some improvement, you have may have to change your putters. In the UK, you can buy cheap golf putters online. A quality website to buy your golfing needs is Gamola Golf. But before you go shopping for some putters, you have to decide which the right one for you is.

1st option: Get a conventional putter and cut it shorter. A conventional putter measures around 35-36inches in length but if this is not comfortable for you, you can cut at least 2-3 inches off of it. A shorter putter will help you feel your stroke more. At first, it will feel very different but once you get to use it, you’ll have a different putting game. If this doesn’t work for you, you may try the other options.

2nd option: If short isn’t the way to go, why don’t you get a longer putter instead? A long putter is suited for people who have wrist or back pain because of the added bending. Long putters measure at about chest height in an upright stance. Making use of long putter lessens the discomfort of having to bend over more than you should.

3rd option: Use a belly putter. A belly putter is similar to a conventional one but has a longer shaft. You can anchor it in your stomach so you can get better control of your putting. There are many expert golfers that prefer using this putter.

Are you interested in learning to play golf? If you are then you need to start shopping for golf clubs and golf putter for sale that you will be using. Your putter and golf club are necessities in driving a ball to a certain distance. There are different golf clubs and putters that you should know about, read the brief descriptions below:

  • Wood golf clubs are considered long distance clubs. If you need to hit the ball in a very far distance, a wooden club is best to use. Modern wood clubs have titanium long shafts and steel large heads for hitting the ball at long distances.

  • Iron clubs have a shorter shaft and an angled head. These types of putters are often used in getting through rough terrains like through trees or base of hills.
  • Hybrid clubs are a mix of wooden and iron material. With this club, you can hit long distances while having the swing of an iron club. This club is also called “rescues”.
  • Golf putters are used when the ball is near the cup. These are special clubs with a 10-degree loft. Putters are designed specifically to roll the ball along the grass to the hole.

There are many more things that you should consider when buying golf clubs and golf putter like the shaft, grip, hosel, clubhead and ferrule. Since you are still a beginner, there is no need to buy expensive golf clubs and golf putter, just find something comfortable to use and upgrade your golf gear later on.

To the untrained eye, putters may seem less threatening compared with the other equipment. In fact, these putters are more important since most shots played in a golf game actually need these. With this article, we will give you some important information you need to know about these. Armed with such information, you will be able to choose the right golf putter for sale.

Choose the right putter head design- There are basically three types of putter designs: peripheral weighted putters, mallet putters, and blade putters. Weighted putters are popular among professionals and amateurs. This has more head although it means that it also tends to be imbalanced. The next kind is the more traditionally designed blade putter; it has a small head and is widely used by players. Finally, mallet putters are heavier compared with the other two.

Choose the right length- As with the golf shaft, the performance of a golf putter for sale also depends on the length. Most people may not realize it but the wrong length can actually lead to weak contact and even bad posture when done continuously. The length of traditional putters range from 32-36 that help create that pendulum swing. Meanwhile, the belly putter has a length raging from 41-46 in. It makes for an easier to control shaft, although it requires more force. Finally, long putters range from the length of 47-51 in. Due to its length, not too many players prefer this kind of putter as compared with the others.