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When thinking long and hard about what to get my dad for his birthday, it suddenly hit me: a brand new, improved golf shaft! There are tonnes of Golf Shafts in the UK to choose from, and I know how much my dad and his buddies love to show off their gear on the green, so I knew it had to be flashy yet functional. When I took to the search engine, I found loads of soft golf shafts for sale, some of which were in the clearance at huge cut prices – some even as low as £13! But you don’t grow up with a golf-crazy dad without learning a thing or two, so I knew there were a few key things I had to consider before committing to a purchase.

Firstly, I know there is an age old debate of steel versus graphite, with graphite golf shafts typically being used by high-handicappers, with steel being the shaft of choice for more pro golfers, but this isn’t necessarily the case nowadays, with the idea that graphite shafts are just for novices being smashed when the great Tiger Woods switched his steel shaft driver for a graphite in 2004!

I decided just to take my dad’s own golf style and swing into consideration to see what fits him best, though did keep in mind the fact that steel is considered both less expensive and more durable than graphite, which ultimately made my decision for me! My dad is quite an expert golfer, so I knew the steel one would fit his swing and keep my own pockets a little heavier!

Golf is all about performance, and the golf shaft is considered as the golf club’s engine. How well you choose will reflect on the course. The materials that make up the shaft can be of steel, titanium, graphite, or an amalgam of these. Every material has positive and negative sides. It all depends on how well you know your game to help you decide of which material the shaft must have.

As an example, steel shafts are robust, generally cheap and will last you for many years, but their weight can reduce the speed of your swing. Graphite shafts are more expensive. Their light weight contributes to swing speed, but also makes them fragile. They are popular to both amateurs and professionals because of its positive effects on swing performance. Not a few lady golfers prefer the graphite shaft because it helps them with swing speed consistency.

A titanium shaft is also lightweight and reduces vibration, but may feel stiff for some golfers. There are new shafts in the market such as the nanofuse shafts that are considered metallic although they are not steel. They are not graphite as well. Basically, they are made by fusing nanocrystalline alloy with a type of carbon fibre. It combines the durability of steel and the swing speed of graphite shafts. When choosing the right materials for your shafts you have to consider its weight, alignment, flex, and torque, among others. These are crucial to the overall golf club performance, and ultimately, your game.

When choosing golf shafts UK, you must know that picking the right one can greatly improve your golf game and choosing the wrong one can cause a disaster to your score. Golf shafts vary because of their “flex” and this is what you should look out for when shopping for your golf gear.

Extra Stiff (X) flex shafts are used in fast and strong swings. Only professional golfers attempt to use this type of flex shaft because if you don’t have a powerful swing, the speed, height and distance of the shot will be reduced. If you drive at least 250 yards, this shaft is for you.

Stiff (S) is good for golfers with a 30-250 yard drive. However, it is better to try it out first. If you find it too stiff, the regular one is better for you. A stiff shaft is recommended for powerful swingers and golfers with more control.

Regular (R) golf shafts is more of a popular choice for average golfers. Some golfers make a mistake with buying too stiff shafts that their golf game doesn’t improve. Regular shafts are recommended for golfers with a 175-220 yard drive. Further, a softer flex helps a golfer control his swing which helps improve his game.

Other flex shafts include Senior (A) for senior golfers and Ladies (L) for lady golfers. These golf shafts are less stiff and help swing creating more distance with drives. Hence, it is important that you get the right golf shaft for your game; otherwise, you won’t improve anytime soon.

A great golf game is due to the type of golf club you are using and the most important part that powers your golf club is the golf shaft. The performance of a golf game will tremendously improve if your golf shaft is the exact length and weight, has the appropriate flex, alignment and torque, in relation to the whole golf club. If you choose the best golf club shafts for your golf clubs, you will always have a great golf game.

With so many different types of golf club shafts, choosing the appropriate one may be tedious. To help you make up your mind, here is a list of the different shafts that you might want to consider:

Graphite shafts – the light weight of graphite shafts increases the swing speed so that there is more power to the swing. Plus, this type of shaft is best to achieve greater distances and it is best suited for women golf enthusiasts and some of the older players. However, graphite shafts can be very expensive and these also need more maintenance and caring than the usual steel shafts.

Steel shafts – usually made of carbon steel, and stainless steel occasionally, these shafts focus on improving the accuracy of a golf player instead of the emphasis on distance offered by graphite shafts. Plus, steel shafts also give you more control on your golf shots. It is also more affordable and more durable than graphite shafts.

Remember that golf club shafts are integral to the success of your golf game so it’s wise that you get the most appropriate one for your swing.

In every golf game, it is important that you get to choose only the best gears to choose. To buy golf shafts that are ideal, it is important that you are aware of some factors that you would need to take the time to study and go through as you get through the process of buying them.

First, it is important that you know in particular your own skill level. You must be honest with the level of skill that you think you belong to whether you are a beginner, intermediate or expert. If you are specially a beginner, you must be practical with spending on the shafts that are affordable since you are still on your starter set.

Next is the knowledge on knowing what type of golf shafts you need. There are lots of resources online that you can read to guide you with the proper procedure to know the one that can give you the perfect fit. You must choose the one that would make you feel in control of the head of the club and help you improve your score without even altering the kind of swing you have.

Finally, the bigger your golf shaft is then the better, but not for all times. This could mean a better chance of inertia that even the experts go for the ones that have a length shaft of 44 to 44.5 inches. Hence, it could help to settle for a shaft that is shorter so that you will not lose any distance and lead you to improved and more accurate shots.

When searching for golf shafts for sale, you would be led to the two primary types which are the graphite and the steel types. The difference between the two lies in its weight with the graphite types way lighter than the steel. It can help you swing your golf club with ease and can help you perform those shots that reach longer. The drawback it has is that it is much more luxurious in cost when compared to the steel ones.

For manufacturers of golf shafts for sale, the steel types can last longer and are easy to make. It can produce more consistency with your every flex and twist all throughout your entire iron set. With the graphite, your golf ball’s behavior may seem erratic and it will not fly for the speed and the distance that you would want it to reach. This is one reason why many other expert golfers settle for the consistent performance that the steel shafts offer.

For those golfers that the concept of ‘feel’ matters, you can get the experience of a crisper feel with steel. Overall, it is important that you take the time to try out in person the shafts first before you decide on buying them, no matter which kind of material they may be made out of. Research can also help for you to be filled with the sufficient knowledge in recognizing the factors you need to consider as you search through a variety of golf shafts for sale.

Any serious player will tell you that choosing the right set of golf club shafts is very important in improving one’s game. This is because the shaft comprises the backbone of the golf club, on which the grip and driver are attached. If you would like to know more about how you can choose (and buy) the best shaft being sold in the market, then here are a few things you need to know.

Know what ‘flex’ means- In golf parlance, ‘flex’ is a term used to define the ability of a shaft to flex or bend in reaction to force applied during a swing. Whether smooth, fast or jerky, the kind of force applied on the shaft will ultimately have an impact on the swing itself. If the kind of swing that you employ is not complementary to the kind of shaft you are using it could lead to off-tangent shots. Thus, you may choose to buy golf club shafts that are stiff or soft based on such information.

Be familiar with the right length and weight- The length of a shaft, usually from 28—40 inches or longer, helps ensure better distance. In addition, lighter shafts result in faster swing speed, and therefore, greater distance covered per swing.

Understand the difference between single or composite materials- Golf club shafts may be made from single materials (such as titanium, steel, or graphite) or composite materials that combine the best features of the other materials for better performance. Depending on your preferences, you can choose the shaft made of the right material to suit your needs.

When you search online today, you can find numerous golf shafts UK that come in wide varieties from the soft types and down to the most flexible ones. For many golf experts, the softer kind of shafts is ideal to achieve a more consistent game in golf. To have the right flex is often disregarded by many golf newbie but are usually noted by the best of golf experts out there.

Those who use flexible golf shafts UK are found out to be able to hit the ball well under good weather while those that go for the stiffer shafts usually just want to project that macho stance as a player. However, the truth of the matter is that majority of golfers can benefit more from the softer types of shafts.

The shaft is what gives you the club’s feel and hence the stiffer it may feel, the more that you may be pressured to add more force to your swinging. With a flexible golf shaft, you need take too make practice swings before you actually hit the ball or feel the club. If your golf shafts UK are softer than the average types, then you can be assured to be able to perform swings that are way smoother and more consistent.

Nowadays, you can find lots of sites that offer a wide variety of golf shafts UK that would fit your every need to perform that almost perfect swing. To have right golf shaft can be crucial for the success of your every golf game.