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Golf tees can really help get that perfect shot when it comes to golf. They keep the ball still and elevated for a better trajectory. Some people still prefer not to use them but it has been suggested by the experts that ‘you should use a golf tee whenever you can’. The golf tees UK golfers mainly seem to use is wooden, plastic and speciality tees. There are pros and cons to all of these golfing tees so from the information below you have to work our which pro outweighs the cons for your golfing game.

Wooden Tees

Historically these were the first golfing tees UK golfers starting using they can be made in different sizes and lengths to suit the golfer. Also wooden tees are really cheap so if you lose one on the golf course it won’t matter. However the downside to wooden tees is that sometime they can mark your golf driver and can easily break when driving them into hard ground.

Plastic Tees

Plastic tees have fast become popular because they last longer however this does mean they are more expensive. You can zero friction golf tees which are said to reduce spin and increase the distance of your shot but this is still to be proven.

Speciality Tees

Finally you can chose from the speciality tees the Brush tee is designed to make you drive more consistent and a step down golf tee makes it easier to know how far to place the tee in the course. Obviously the main draw back with these is that this means they are more costly.
Overall golf tees are an individual preference so the best thing to do when choosing a golf tee is try out a few and see which you thing helps make your swing better and ones that fit in with your budget.

It may seem like a fairly unimportant part of the whole golfing experience, but when it comes to choosing a golf tee, a quality tee will give you a good distance and could even have an impact on how your ball spins, so a tee should never be thought of as just “something to stick your ball on” – you should consider quite a few things before choosing a golf tee. Although also available in steel or silver, the two most popular golf tees are wood and plastic.

Wood Tees


• Better for the environment – biodegradable and simply rot into the turf if left on the tee boxes.
• Softer than plastic so won’t cause damage to lawn mowers
• Cheapest option – often even given out for free at Clubs
• Not as pliable as plastic so not likely to bend easily


• Damage can be done if you mishandle a cracked wooden tee – I’ve heard of people even getting one through the hand when trying to drive one through hard ground! Ouch!
• Some golfers believe they do not gain as much distance using wood tees

Plastic Tees


• Considered more durable than wood
• Give more distance than wooden tees


• Break or bend very easily
• Are not good for environment and cause damage to lawn mowers, therefore some Clubs even prohibit their use, giving you a smaller choice of Golfing venue
• Tend to scratch drivers

The clear winner appears to be the wooden golf tee, which is the most commonly used and easiest to obtain, not to mention the cheapest and best for the environment and your lawn mower!

The Internet has shaped the way we communicate, and more importantly for some, the way we shop. You can practically buy almost anything off it with the click of your mouse and in the convenience of your desk. Some merchants even present special offers if you purchase from their website. When buying golf equipment online be sure to transact with caution. It is advisable to do a little background check before proceeding with a purchase. The diminutive golf tees are often overlooked by most golfers when completing or updating their equipment, but you can never do without them. How can you start your game without a tee to nest your ball on before swinging?

Specialty golf shops offer different kinds of tees. You can select from wooden, metal, or plastic tees. Some
golfers even use Biodegradable tees that available for those who are concerned with the environmental effects of using non-biodegradable ones.

As with purchasing other equipment, buying golf tees online helps you perform a cross-check of what companies offer without going to the shops themselves. With a swing of your browser you can compare the products they sell and who has the more competitive prices. Be sure to check the security level of transactions, you do not want to be giving away your credit card information without being sure that it is safe and beyond the reach of fraud. Through the Internet you can also check customer feedback via blogs or web posts that can help you decide before buying anything.

UK people are known golf lovers. We have the most fabulous golf courses in the world. Because of this, golf accessories became a huge business. One can find golf sites in the internet. If you are a golf newbie, you should be guided less you be fooled. In this article, my subject in mind is the golf tee. You may think that’s silly because it’s just a small thing where the ball rest—but I tell you: it’s important. There are cheap golf tees available in the net but first let us examine why this golf material is significant.

In golf, tee is usually used in the first stroke of each hole. Before, when tee is not exiting yet, golf balls were being teed up on small stacks of sand that were put in boxes. The first developed tee rested flat on the ground with a small portion to prop the golf ball. Today, golf manufacturers have developed various models of tees. There are bulk golf, long gold tees, novelty tees, performance tees, personalized and standard tees.

The normal size of a golf tee is 2.125 inches long. However, it can be taller or smaller, it depends upon the player and it is legal. Of course, they want their swing to be perfect and the tee somehow affects the shot. This is why various designs have been developed for the comforts of the players. So if you are new, look for the kind of tee that will fit your swing.

Way back when golf started, tees were not in use. Golfers improvised their own by using a mound of sand where they put their golf ball. Through time, golf tee was invented and then there were two standard golf tees that were eventually used in golf games and tournaments. These are wooden and plastic tees.

Recently, there have been a lot of variations of the wooden and plastic golf tee; this is simply because it was discovered that depending on the type of tee used by a golfer, it will assist him in striking the ball straighter and farther. To assist further in choosing the perfect tee for your games, there’s no better place to look than in online shops. It’s where you can find wooden and plastic gold tees in various colors, designs, and from different manufacturers. It’s also perfect if you’re looking for cheaper tees. With a price range of 50 pence to 20 pounds for different sets of tees, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for.

Some of the tees that can be had in online shops include Bazooka’s hybrid bamboo tees, which feature frictionless tetra tip. This design is best if you want to make that long and straight drives that only pros can do. Another golf tee that might pique your interest is the Professional Tee System manufactured by Pride, which features color coded tees for your convenience. Winter tees are also available in 4 different sizes, sold as a set by Jumbo.

Whatever golf tee you need, you’ll be sure to find all these in various online shops. If you’re in doubt as to the most appropriate one for you, try out different sets of golf tees to improve your game.

Each time the summer season comes around, many are starting to get involved in some kind of a sport and one of these would be golf. However, just like in any other sport, to be able to play well, you need to have the proper equipment and tools to use and this should include the golf tees. It is not apart from anyone’s knowledge that it can be quite costly to spend for golf equipment but it can bring you good news that it is possible to find cheap golf tees out there in the market today.

There are several brands of cheap golf tees that are not just affordable for your pocket but can also render you high quality performance. Pride serves to be on top of the list as its company has been operating since the early years of 1950. Their golf tees are made to be durable and last for a long time which makes it ideal to be used by golfers for a long time. The paint used on it is free from any toxic chemicals.

Next would be the Intech golf tees that are perfect to be used for the drivers with large face. They are meant to be longer so as to give golfers a higher trajectory for their golf balls once they strike it. Their sets usually come with 30 tees along with Charter Pro Slim golf tees that come in 50 golf tees.  Other brands that you can depend on also include Brush T-3, US Army Bristle, and many more.