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Golf Trolleys hen you settle down to watch the Golf Opens this year’s you will notice that the professionals all have the very best gear – from the coolest golf trolleys to slick little golf accessories. Naturally the golf accessories or the golf trolleys that a golfer picks don’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but hey – what can we say? If Carly Booth, Azahara Munoz and Anastasia Kostina have all the best gear then naturally we will covet it!

Though it is not fair to lump us all together, if you lady golf fans are anything like me you will take your golf accessories as seriously as you take your golfing….well, almost! There are tonnes of companies out there providing us ladies with some excellently girly golf accessories – from pretty pink golf trolleys to flowery gold bags, hats in pastel colours to specially made little gold socks, we have much more fun picking out our golf accessories than your average male golfer!

My personal fave when it comes to golf accessories are the golf balls – the bright pink ones in particular! These look like gloriously shiny sweeties and I must admit, I love the added ego-boost I get when I take my shiny, hot-pink balls out of my flowery golf bag that sits on one of the cutest golf trolleys you have ever seen! The men all share a look – a “This’ll be a laugh” look – which means that it is all the more satisfying when I send those pretty pink balls soaring way over their heads!

I’ve really started to enjoy playing Golf with my friends. I avoided going near the sport for years but my friends recently convinced me to give it a go. Once I had all my golf clubs ready and I’d bought all my accessories, I was really getting into the swing of it. (No pun intended) Then the unthinkable happened. The Golf Trolley, I’d gotten on Gumtree, smashed and my clubs fell everywhere. To say it was embarrassing would be an understatement. I scoured the internet again trying to find a new golf trolley, but I wasn’t sure which one to buy and how long this one would last before it broke. When you’re pretty new to playing golf, you have no idea how much things are supposed to cost and become pretty hesitant to make a purchase when you don’t know the quality of the product.

My friend, Dave, directed me to the place he bought his Golf Trolley, Gamola Golf. I went onto their website and was pleasantly surprised at the range of golf trolleys they had. They were very reasonably priced, but to be honest I had no clue which one to get. I decided to call them and plead my naivety. The agent I spoke to was really helpful. I told her the clubs I had and she told me the best trolley to get and it was as simple as that. So the lesson is, if you’re unsure about something, call Gamola and get all the help you need.

Gone are the days when you have to lug your golf trolley around the golf course just to bring each piece of equipment you own to win the game. Although there are many kinds of manual golf trolleys, the physical effort it takes to pull/push the trolley will lessen a golfer’s game play.

Thanks to recent developments, trolleys are now electronic, meaning you don’t have to exert any physical effort to pull or push it which can really save your strength and stamina for the game play ahead. These electronic trolleys are battery operated and they can be operated with a remote control for your convenience. With the competition of electronic trolleys getting tougher, golfers get to reap its benefit. There are now different makes and models of electronic trolleys and each of these has different battery life spans to accommodate each golfer’s needs. The battery life usually depends on the golf course’s number of holes. All of these trolleys usually come in various prices, depending on the brand and make. Although it is relatively more expensive compared to the manual one, its greatest advantage is that it is effortless to bring. Plus, it is sturdier, which can be a good investment if you’re a golf enthusiast, and the chances of tipping over is nil.

Having a trolley for your golf equipments will help bring out the best in your skills and strength during a golf game. Choosing the best trolley will ensure that you will really enjoy your game and not get too preoccupied of lugging your equipment and lose your concentration. Make sure to choose a trolley that’s right for you.