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A few weeks ago it was my uncle’s birthday and being the avid golfer that he is, the family thought we should club together to get him some brand new golf gear. We split ourselves into groups, divvying up the golf drivers here and the tee-buyers there and the biggest group was handed the task of purchasing the golf trolley.

Now, my uncle is notoriously against gold trolley’s, claiming that he has a “perfectly good set of shoulders” and he intends to use them! It’s a shame, because we found dozens of swanky looking golf trolleys on the web just by searching for “Golf Trolleys UK” and they were all reasonably priced. So I then gave myself the task of convincing my uncle that golf trolleys where the way forward!

I started by showing him all the cool golf trolleys UK websites had to offer, but again he fed me that same line; “I’ve got shoulders!” so I realised a whole new tactic was needed and struck gold when I came across an article about Injuries caused by golf bags. One pro-golf trolley fan even said that due to over bending, twisting and general strain caused by his golf bag, his game was thrown off for weeks whilst he received physical therapy! One glimpse of this and my uncle soon buckled!

So thanks to searching for “Golf Trolleys UK” my uncle’s lovely new golf drivers and tee’s are being carted about in style!