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Golf wedges are one of the most important parts of golfing. A lot of Golfing shots are made from 120 yards and different golf wedges achieve various degrees of results. Golf wedge versatility depends on the build of the wedge, so you need a good knowledge of how golf wedges function so that you can choose the golf wedge that will most enhance your performance.

Golf wedges are primarily made from Chrome or Nickel, with a lot of debate over which is best. Some claim it’s all about aesthetics, but some genuinely think this makes a difference, so I have compiled a few pros and cons of both – but whichever you choose, there are plenty of choices of websites selling reasonably priced Golf Wedges UK.



  • Strong golfers love the stiff Titanium shaft for accurate shots

  • Most believe Titanium improves distance

  • Titanium is the most durable metals


  • Fairly expensive

  • Only really beneficial to those with powerful swings due to its heavy weight

  • Stiffness may make it more difficult to gage how hard to hit the ball



  • Extremely lightweight – easier to swing

  • Fantastic distance due to it being lightweight

  • The shock absorbance is perfect for older golfers or those who no longer possess the powerful swing they once did


  • Golfers love to hear the “crack” of the club against the ball, yet Graphite does not present this

  • Less durability

  • For those with an inconsistent swing, graphite will reduce your control

Hardcore golfing fans will already know that there are 4 different types of golf wedges, but just in case you’re just starting out in the golfing world, there are a few things you should include within your set of golf wedges.

Pitching Wedges

This is a very versatile club and the most common type of all the golf wedges. Mainly used for bigger shots into the green, a pitching wedge presents the golfer with a longer flight than some of the other golf wedges.

Lob Wedges

To enhance height in chips and pitches, Lob Wedge’s typically have a large loft – 60 degrees or thereabouts – and can assist shots from deep rough and sand more than other wedges that feature smaller lofts. Though often overlooked, this is becoming a more popular choice for golfers.

Sand Wedges

It’s all in the name! Used for escaping your ball from bunkers, this is typically 56 degrees and generally provides more variation to golfers, especially in approach shots.

Gap Wedges

Again, it’s all in the name here with Gap Wedges, which features as the “gap” to fill the holes of the Sand Wedge and Pitching Wedge. Gap Wedges typically vary between 51 and 55 degrees, and though they offer more variation from around the green, are used rather similarly to the Pitching Wedge.

Now that you understand the basics of what each wedge does, you can make sure you include a collection like this in your wedge set and you will rarely go wrong. I know it looks like a lot but don’t worry – the internet provides a wonderful collection of golf clubs that come at very competitive and bank balance friendly prices!

We’ve all been in the situation where you’re teeing up your shot and in your head you’re at the PGA Open about to hit that all important shot. Then you realize you’re in Britain playing at your local golf club and your golf wedge has just buckled when you go to take your moment. When you start playing golf, you don’t tend to think about your wedge and how it can affect your game and your shot. When you take your shot, your wedge can have an impact on the spin of the ball, the distance it shoots and the general shot itself. If your shots during games have been getting worse, then one thing you maybe hadn’t considered is that your wedge could be the problem.

The last time my wedge ruined a game I had with friends, I kept looking around to replace them and was clueless as to which one would give the best spin and help me improve my shots. Luckily, I stumbled across the Gamola Golf website. They had a huge range of wedges and I was looking at them all to see the best one for me. In the end I gave them a call and to my delight, the man on the phone asked me to explain my clubs and what was wrong with my shot. After I’d told him, he advised me the wedges that would help and within a few weeks, my tiger woods dream was alive and well again.

If you ask a seasoned golfer about what influences a game play, he would tell you that there are a lot of factors that can influence it and one of these is the golf wedges. In golf, wedges are dubbed as the tool that will make or break your score during a game play. Choosing the most appropriate wedge means that you will really score.

If you’re still a newbie at golf, it’s time that you improve your game play using different types of wedges.  There are four different kinds and each of these wedges performs specific purposes during hitting a golf ball. The pitching wedge is the most common golf wedge in every golfer’s bag and its purpose is to hit 100–125 yards. The sand wedge is not solely for the sand portion of the golf course alone, because it can give you a great spin power. The lob wedge, on the other hand, is used for short, high shots that could be halted immediately. Lastly, you have the gap wedge which serves to fill up the break between the first two types of wedges.

Some of these wedges can be part of the whole set of your golf equipment, but these can also be sold separately. However, when buying any of these wedges, you should remember that having it custom fitted is really the best way to go if you want to augment your chances of winning a game of golf. It’s not enough anymore that you get any kind of golf wedge out of the rack because you won’t be a competitive player.