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It’s almost December and Christmas shopping is well under way. What’s best to get your putting mad Father than a golf package set? Well, I have done just that, my Dad is particularly hard to buy for and I always end up buying him some item of clothing that he never wears. This summer he has taken up golfing so he’s a lot easier to buy for now that he has a new hobby, so far he has been borrowing golf clubs from the sports club he uses so I decided a golf package set was the way to go.

I decided to buy it online as this seems to be where the best deals can be found, but I did visit my nearest Drummonds to ask the sales assistant what the best golf package set included. The prices of the sets varied dependent on the brand and I didn’t know anything about golf at all. The assistant was very helpful though and once I told him my budget he helped me figure out which was the best brand for my father’s needs and abilities as equipment varies according to your skill level apparently.

The Wilson CGi Ultra Golf Package Set seemed to be the best one; it includes everything you need for the golfing hobby and comes in a stylish stand with numerous pockets as well as a 12 month free guarantee. It also includes your golf clubs designed for beginners, a titanium driver, putter and other clubs, a #3 Fairway Wood, 21 degree Hybrid and a #5 SW irons. Now I know little about what this means though I am told by multiple review sites that this is the best golf package set on the market for beginner level. Wilson do have many other golf package sets and golfing stock that are for more experienced levels that you can find, I would definitely suggest shopping around online, as far as I can see this is where the best deals can be found.

Getting the perfect swing with your golf driver is what most golfers spend their lifetime practicing. Accuracy, speed and distance are the 3 things that can help give a golfer the perfect stroke but how much can the driver head affect this?  The 2 main types of golf drivers are round and square so here are some of the pros and cons of both to help you decide with one would help you most with your golf.

Round head Golf drivers are easier to use especially for those just starting up with golf and is the more aesthetically pleasing of the 2 shapes.  However, a round head driver also has the downside that it has greater COG so it can be difficult to get a straight shot so any hits that aren’t quite up to your normal standard will stand out like a sore thumb using this driver.  This is something the square head has over the round there is a low COG so that there are greater sweet spots when using this golfing driver.  It also seems to make hits very straight.  However this driver does seem to have a few more negative points than the round head with a less appealing bulky head and it is suggested that they are normally has less length than the round.  The biggest drawback to the square driver however, is that it is harder to work than the round head golf driver.

Now you’ve got your head around this debate there is also the question of which material of the shaft and head that your golf driver should be made of. Alloy, steel and titanium are the most popular choices but often there can also be a mix of all three in a golf driver too! The best way to decide as with the head type is to have a go at using different drivers till you find the one you feel is most comfortable and effective.

It’s really frustrating when you go for a game of golf and the club is too long, or the grip isn’t adequate, amongst other problems. Thankfully, the range of golf club making tools on the market can help you construct the right club for you with the best spec available.

The economic climate has resulted in a huge reduction in the amount of custom club making that’s available around the UK. Players can now go online and buy all the club making tools they like, to rectify any problems with their club. If you’re a tall person, the chances are you might need to have the length of your club extended and the opposite if you’re shorter.

If you’re a beginner, dreaming of becoming the next Tiger Woods, then it can end up being far cheaper to make your own clubs than buy a swanky designer brand of clubs. You’d be surprised how easy assembling your clubs can be. With a chance to tailor the grip, length and shaft, it can be fun being able to construct your own clubs and mean that much more when you pot that hole in one.

When you first play the game, your main concern is to try and putt the ball in the hole. As you gain more experience, you’ll realise the clubs that work for you and the clubs that hinder your shot. Having online access to club making tools certainly makes it easier to maximise your potential during the game.

Every golfer shouldn’t go on a golf game without his golf putters. Like any other piece of equipment in a golf game, a golf putter assumes a particular job in a game. It gives the player a lot of technical advantage in his game play, giving him the edge over competitors. With this importance, there are some important factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing a golf putter.

Foremost on your golf putter checklist should be the type of putter you need. Beginner golfers are usually advised to stick to the basic putter, but if you’re already a seasoned golfer, you can choose the type depending on your deficiency during the play. You can opt to go for the long putters or the belly putters. Long putters are used to soften the impact of the shoulder and elbows during putting, while the belly putter is secured to the belly and basically, works the same way as the long putter. While you’re in the matter of choosing the putter type, you can also decide on the putter type head. Each of these putter heads will help you define your stroke.

There are different brands and models of putters that you can check out when looking for your own putter and another important consideration while looking at these brands is the price of the golf putter. It doesn’t mean that the newest design and the most expensive one is going to be the right putter for you so it still counts to check that it meets your needs during a golf game.

Playing golf can be very relaxing and it can improve not only to make your mind focused but make you physically fit as well. There are many gold courts that are readily accessible for public use but there are also that will need you sign up and be a member. Playing golf is fun and for better performance you will need to get all the golf accessories needed. Having all the accessories needed in golf will make you more confident and have you enjoy the game more.

The first thing you need is the proper attire for the game. You need to have the complete set of attire in order to bring your game to the highest level. This basically includes the golf cap of course for sun protection, the golf shoes for better foot grip, golf gloves for a more better grip to make those amazing shots and the armband to get those seat out of your eyes. These are important for its much comfortable to play golf and you will sure to enjoy playing golf.

Another set of accessories are for the game itself. You will need the tee of course where you will put the ball. The golf ball is also an additional accessory, whats playing golf without the golf ball right? The golf club is also a needed tool in order to play the game. There are different golf club depending on the shot you are going to take. Getting the right golf club for the specific shot will ensure you get the perfect and and perfect result.

Golf is a rich man’s game as they say, this is because of all the expensive golf equipment a golfer needs. From the golf clubs, golf wear, golf shoes and golf putters, everything about the game is expensive. With this, golfers take extra care of their golf gear because they are not cheap to replace. The most expensive gear is the golf club and any golfer will want to protect it by using head covers golf.

Head covers come in different designs. If you want something plain, you can just get coloured plush covers. But if you are more comical, you can get golf covers with cartoon character designs like maybe Spongebob Squarepants or the Justice League gang. The most important thing here is that your golf clubs are protected.

Any golfer knows that the head of the golf club can make or break one’s game because this is what directly hits the ball. Any damage to the head of the club can make a difference in your swing and how it contacts with the golf ball. So to make sure it doesn’t get damaged, you should use head covers.

Another reason why you should use head covers for your golf club is because it is prone to rust. Since it is made of steel, rust will form when it comes to contact with the humid wind. Although rust is quite unavoidable, wearing head covers for your clubs is still a great way to prevent severe rust and damage to your golf gear, and maybe, to your golf game as well.

United Kingdom has the most beautiful golf courses in the world. That is why it has been the favorite host of the Open. One magnificent UK course is Royal St. Georges Golf Club. It has a beautiful middle aged village in the background. Other luxurious UK courses are Queenwood at Ottershaw, South East part of England, and Druids Glen in Ireland. The greens here are immaculate. Because of these reasons, I cannot blame various golfers around the globe why they repeatedly come and play in UK golf courses—they keep coming back for more. But of course, to partner these fitting playgrounds, you need the right equipments. Search for golf sites in the internet and you will see fabulous equipments such as golf shafts for sale.  You may have a beautiful course and a proper talent, but if you don’t have the best golf shaft, then you are most likely destined to fail.

For golf neophytes, why do golf shafts matter? Each golfer has his own terms of playing the game. Everything must be proper; everything must be just perfect. Choosing your golf shafts will determine how you play the game: if you want more distance, if you want more control, or if you want both. Practically, a shaft is said to be the engine of every club. However, this engine wouldn’t work if it does not match the player’s usual swing. The disparity will affect various matters such as distance, accuracy and shot shape.  So, in the end, I tell you: a magnificent course and a prolific swing go with the best golf shafts.

Let’s get things clear first, learning to be a better golf player doesn’t rely on what gold shafts you will be using. The force behind your swings is still you. While all your golfing equipment can be a big help to improving your performance, you must still work on your form, control, swing and power.

Nonetheless, choosing your golf shafts is very important; it can aid in your golfing performance. Usually, problem develops when they are too stiff or too flexible for the golfer’s swing. Here are some problems that a golfer might encounter:

1)      The golf ball flies too low because the golfer cannot reach his maximum angle with his swing due to the stiff golf shafts.

2)      The golf ball has the tendency to leak at the fade side since the golfer cannot do much forward bending on the golf shaft.

3)      If the golf shaft is too flexible, there will be a higher angle and will produce a more solid shot. However, if the golfer sliced the ball wrong, a wrong trajectory will occur.

These are just some common problems when using the wrong golf shafts. That is why it is important for any golfer to choose the right flexibility of shafts for their swing. If you are someone who swings at an average of 100mph or lower then it is best that you choose a more flexible shaft than the stiff ones. Flexible shafts are much more recommended than stiffer ones.

Nowadays, an average golfer would want to excel in his favorite sport.   There are golf shops that custom-fit golf heads with dozens of different golf shafts with price ranging from 32 pounds to 1,900 pounds.

Looking for the right golf shoes is just like choosing any ordinary pair of shoes, only you just have to think of some factors before jumping for one.

  • Start looking for shoes in a local sports shop. It’s great if you know your size, but have it measured by the salesclerk, if not.
  • Ask about trusted brands on shoes, and be sure to know what type is popular among seasoned golfers like you. If possible, ask about future sales.
  • Avoid shoes with metal spikes since most golf courses prohibit them.
  • Look for ones with plastic prongs at the bottom, and search for shoes with replaceable prongs.
  • Find shoes that come with soft and pliable upper leather. It is vital to avoid wasting time breaking your golf shoes in. Make sure enough space is provided in the toe area, and make certain they support your arches.
  • Find waterproof shoes if you are situated in a place where it rains often. While you will not play golf in the rain, you’ll find some days where you come to the golf course only to discover it’s a bit damp from rain the night before.
  • Get shoes with traditional and basic color such as gray or white, and bear in mind how you will look like with your shoes together with your golf wardrobe.

Nowadays, you can also get your shoes online, giving you an easier time to search for your perfect pair. These are some points to think of when shopping for golf shoes. Happy hunting!

Making golf clubs strictly involves the process of selecting appropriate club making tools. The most critical part are actually collecting the right components and assembling them yourself. Constructing a customized golf club is a complex procedure, however with a good concept you can definitely build great clubs that will enhance the game.

Choosing the right iron is an important component in making a golf club. There are various factors that affect the performance of the iron thus several details and specifications should be considered when finding the perfect set. If you are a good golfer who places huge importance on the feel to control the trajectory then you can opt for forged irons. However, you can settle for cast irons if you want a contemporary alternative.

There are apparently other items that must be included in your list of club making tools. One of these is the shaft. When deciding on which material to use for your shaft, it is important that you consider the significant benefits of every material. Graphite is less heavy than all types of materials and this gives the advantage of a higher swing speed, a factor that may increase the distance of the ball. Because of this significance, graphite is widely preferred by many golfers. Your next step is to determine the flex. It is easier to make an option if you find out your swing speed. If you have a swing speed of 93 mph or greater then an extra stiff flex is absolutely a good preference. If your swing speed falls in the average range then it is practical to use a regular flex shaft.

The list of club making tools also includes the grips. There are different grip styles widely accessible in the UK market. When using the internet to purchase grips and other components, you should find a safe and reliable site which has a reputation of providing top-quality club making tools.