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Golf enthusiasts may already know this, but it may surprise some of you to learn that golf accessories like a golf cart were not commonplace until 14 years ago. Until then even pro golfers had to cart around their own gold wedges and so on – unless of course they had their very own lackey to do it for them! It wasn’t until Casey Martin filed a lawsuit for his right to utilise golf carts during golf competitions back in 2001 and won against the PGA that golf accessories like that were even taken seriously on the green. Casey Martin suffers from a circulatory disorder and experiences reduced blood flow to his leg making walking difficult, which is why he needed this essential in golf accessories.

Nowadays you rarely see golf star heading to the green in the US Open without their gold wedges, putters and so on tucked neatly inside their golf carts, but naturally some of them are far more ostentatious than others! Unsurprisingly, golfing superstar Tiger Woods can be seen driving around in a “pimped out” golf cart drives at double the speed of a regular golf car! Despite the fact that he claims not to care about such extravagances, Tiger Wood’s slick little vehicle was custom built to his specifications and even features some cracking spinning wheels, the likes of which would not look out of place in the latest P Diddy video! Talk about the ultimate in golf accessories!

Golf Trolleys hen you settle down to watch the Golf Opens this year’s you will notice that the professionals all have the very best gear – from the coolest golf trolleys to slick little golf accessories. Naturally the golf accessories or the golf trolleys that a golfer picks don’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things, but hey – what can we say? If Carly Booth, Azahara Munoz and Anastasia Kostina have all the best gear then naturally we will covet it!

Though it is not fair to lump us all together, if you lady golf fans are anything like me you will take your golf accessories as seriously as you take your golfing….well, almost! There are tonnes of companies out there providing us ladies with some excellently girly golf accessories – from pretty pink golf trolleys to flowery gold bags, hats in pastel colours to specially made little gold socks, we have much more fun picking out our golf accessories than your average male golfer!

My personal fave when it comes to golf accessories are the golf balls – the bright pink ones in particular! These look like gloriously shiny sweeties and I must admit, I love the added ego-boost I get when I take my shiny, hot-pink balls out of my flowery golf bag that sits on one of the cutest golf trolleys you have ever seen! The men all share a look – a “This’ll be a laugh” look – which means that it is all the more satisfying when I send those pretty pink balls soaring way over their heads!

Last year I was fortunate enough to reach retirement age in May and was presented with the difficult task having to find activities to fill the days in what had been my longest summer in years. I had owned my own basic set of golf clubs for years but had always lacked the time, golf accessories, and good golf putters, needed to make any major improvement to my game. Spending a couple of days each week on the golf course I noticed the extra items available to the golfer who wished to potentially improve his game; so I decided to investigate!

Through browsing golf shops, both online and offline, I quickly bore witness to wide variety of useless golf accessories out there (presumably to be used as gifts for old codgers like me). After some browsing and witnessing other players on the course I decided to invest in a ball retriever and a putting gate. A further investment during my hunt for new golf gear was on a shiny new golf putter – I just couldn’t help myself.

So, armed with my new golf putter and putting gate I was able to improve my short game considerably by practicing at home. Additionally, the retriever I found to be particularly useful in terms of easing my back pain from being able to avoid bending over to pick up balls. There are a lot of golf accessories out there that won’t be of any use to you, so choose wisely if you want to enhance your game.

China’s 13 year old golf prodigy, Guan Tianlang, is set to take on the US now. Not satisfied with being the youngest player in a European Tour event now he wants to play in the US Open. He is also set to smash the record for being the youngest golfer in the China Open- beating Lo Shih-kai’s record when he played in 2003 at 13 years and 280 days old. All this talk of teen golfers definitely made me pro-active in efforts to improve my golf play. If you want to up your game too, here are a few of the newest golf accessories I purchased to help improve my sweet spot and target practice.

The first golf accessory I had my eye on was one to help me find that sweet spot- the key to any great putting. There are lots of cheap sweet spot accessories and a simple bit of designed foam can really do the trick. You add this to the face of your putter and then when the ball hits the sweet spot in the centre it rolls perfectly; however of it hits the outer foam then there will be a different sound and the ball will roll slowly. This helps practice where you need to place the putter so you hit that sweet spot every time you play. It is also a pretty cheap option for those of you who want a training tool that doesn’t break the bank. Each foam attachment can be used several times and you normally get a few in each pack.

The other golf accessory I decide to invest in was a target circle. The name says it all really but I definitely found my close range putting and chipping dramatically improved after a few practices with the target circles. They are bright colours so you can see them easily and get used to gaging the swing, speed and direction you should be putting in a real golf tournament or round.

Golf is a popular sport, and while simply having a set of clubs and a ball may be enough for some, others have recognised areas of the experience that can be improved. From this they have developed a range of accessories, from the simple things like score cards, to the more extravagant golf carts.

Scorecards, pens and even bead counters to help keep a more accurate score are some of the more obvious and simple things to improve a round of Golf Accessories. However there are other simple things to carry which will help. A towel or a brush is useful in wet weather to remove mud from your clubs. Mud on the club will give a poor contact between club and ball, meaning an inferior club head performance. Cleaner clubs are better clubs, and there are a variety of things such as rain covers for your bag or head-covers to ensure clubs stay dry and clean.

There are more complicated solutions to improving the round too. High technology can be used to improve your range on the drive. A range of scope and GPS devices can help you measure precisely the distance to the hole. Scopes allow you to see the flag more easily and judge the distance yourself, while more complicated devices will use lasers to actually pinpoint exactly how far away the hole is.

There are so many ways to improve the golf experience, especially in the poorer weather, so make sure you investigate which accessories will improve your round.

When it comes to golfing you need to ensure you have proper footwear else those golf greens and bunkers can become your worst nightmare. Special golf accessories for your footwear can be bought both online and in golfing equipment stores to ensure your shoes are both waterproof and have good traction. Soggy feet are not fun whether you’re on a golf course or not and can ruin expensive golf shoes therefore no one is going to perform at their best with wet toes. Getting your swing right is vital so with well-polished shoes and good traction this means you can just focus on your technique and that those golf shoes will look as good as new for longer.
You can buy both golfing cleats and soft golf shoe spikes to create that stable grip when playing. There are a few different types available to buy depending on comfort and what grip you like. Try small thread, large thread, Q-LOK system and fast twist (Tri-LOK system). These grips need to be replaced after a certain amount of time and you can even buy some which have indicators to show when they have worn down. To remove spikes or cleats quickly when replacing them it is also useful to purchase a spike wrench or ripper too. Obviously if you use them you will also need to invest in a good spike or cleat brush or cleaning set. Soft golf spikes are also advantageous for minimalizing marks on the green. One final golf shoe accessory you might also want to invest in is a golf shoe bag to keep your stuff organised.

Golfing in the winter means you never have the optimum conditions for playing but with a few handy golfing accessories you can make sure that this doesn’t ruin your game. There are 2 products that every golfer needs to have with them when playing in the cold, dark days to ensure they are comfortable and warm. UK winters are always full of rain and wind so keeping dry will stop the cold handicapping your game and more importantly making sure you are still enjoying your golf and not finding it a miserable experience!
The first ‘must-have’ Golf Accessories for the winter is an umbrella because let’s face it- investing in one of these will probably be sensible for summer too. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro getting wet can dampen your spirits and affect your performance. A waterproof jacket can provide your upper body with dryness but to ensure you are dry from head to toe a big, strong umbrella is what’s needed. There have been lots of technological advances so you won’t end up with an inside out umbrella when the wind picks up. For example, the Black Widow range of umbrellas has developed a wind-resistant double canopy design as well as an automatic open button.
You must also never tee off without your thermal wear, a jumper and long johns can provide you with that core heat that can keep you going all day. Plus when swinging a cold club all day you need a bit of warm protection for your fingers too, so invest in a good pair of mitts or gloves to stop frost bite and also prevent your grip from getting too slippery.

One pro said ‘Any time you are allowed to use a tee you should do it’ and with the high volume of golf tees sold every year it does seem that the consensus of golfers out there agree with this statement. Why are tees such vital golf accessories? The answer is simple -because they make it easier for a golfer to strike the ball. Most people who play golf tend to swing up on the ball so these golf accessories create a stand to support the stationary ball which means there is more chance of hitting it and getting the ball in the air. However that said there are some things to watch out for when buying a golf tee.

First of all the amount of wooden tees bought although good for the bank balance is not great for the amount of trees being chopped up so if you can afford to spend a little more get a tee that is made from recycled material. Wooden tees tend to break easier and are then useless and need to be thrown away. Nevertheless try to avoid low drag tees- some people, wrongly, suggest that tees create drag on a drive but they don’t and buying these special tees is expensive and also hard to balance your golf ball on because they are so light.

It has not been proved that there is any such thing as a better or worse tee for improving your swing so don’t waste too much money when purchasing them but getting more cost effective and environmentally friendly golf accessories are things to bear in mind when purchasing them.