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When it comes to golf drivers, thankfully, in today’s golfing world development has come on leaps and bounds so it has never been a better time to start teeing off. Just like with any sport the advantages of investing in a good piece of equipment when moving the golf balls round the course can be crucial to your play. When it comes to buying the right golf driver there are lots of different types to choose from, including top of the range drivers to cheaper options but getting the best one really comes down to which suits your game best. For example, if you struggle with finding the sweet spot on the head of a driver you might find the increased MOI on a square head more suited to your play as this creates straighter shots even if the club wasn’t directly on the ball.

For those golfers with an already low handicap you should look at drivers which are at tour standard and include features that allow you to work the ball. Therefore, some of the high end drivers have movable weight technology and moveable heads. The shaft on the driver can also alter the flight of a golf ball creating a more all-round consistent performance on the course.

If you have a medium handicap then again, buying a more premium driver might help to improve your game, you should also consider your loft as dropping down might help increase the distance you get.

High handicap golfers should take into account all these things and also try and opt for a driver with a head of 460cc as this will mean more forgiveness on those slightly more inaccurate swings.

There are many types of golf balls on the market and it can be a hassle to choose the best brand that will make you look like a pro. What I didn’t realise until a few months ago is that there is two types of golf balls, recreational and advanced. I would usually buy whatever golf ball had the best review on line, a lot of the time spending way too much money.

Recreational balls are aimed at the golfer who enjoys playing golf for leisure and advanced golf balls are for the wannabe Tiger Woods amongst us. Recreational balls are made of two layers with the cover firmer than the core allowing for a low compression and side spin reduction which suits the lower spin speed of average golfers.

In comparison, advanced balls are made up of three or more layers with a soft cover and a firm core, this is to ensure more spin and these balls require a much greater swing speed that only highly experienced players can usually achieve. They are also far more expensive.

This may seem like boring technical information but it is very important as if your chosen golf ball doesn’t match your swing speed then it will result in a loss of distance making you look a little less Tiger Woods and a little more Chandler from Friends. For a budget golf ball suited to a recreational player try Callaway or Nike or I am a big fan of the Titleist Pro V1 which has brilliant reviews online.