Let’s face it – golfing does have a rep for being the sport of choice for the wealthy. Unlike many other sports, golfing is one that means you need to have a healthy bank balance to enjoy simply because of the amount of golf accessories, some of which are essentials. Golf has its fair share of little luxuries, but if you stick to just the essential golf accessories and get them online for cut prices then you don’t need to break your piggy bank to get the most out of your golfing experience. Essential golf accessories include:

Golf Bags – you need something to cart your clubs around the course, so unless you’ve got more than 2 hands, you couldn’t possibly do that without one.

Tees – some like to golf without them, but unless you’re putting the ball into the cup, golf tees present an advantage, as it is easier to get a really good shot when using a tee.

In my personal opinion, these are the only ESSENTIAL golf accessories needed to play golf, the rest are little luxuries that whilst you don’t necessarily need them, stand to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Take golf shoes – not essential! In some very rare cases, clubs will require you to wear shoes but most don’t mind. They are designed to keep you from slipping though, but if you fancy a pair I’d look online rather than in store. Golf Apparel is something that is no more essential than the colour of tee you choose, but again, does enhance your enjoyment of the whole experience. Apparel can also be found online far cheaper than in a shop, so make sure you check that out, too, and prove that golfing isn’t just for fat cats!

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